What's News | October 20th, 2018

Episode 96: JFK and The Deep State in the Heart of Texas
November 17th, 2018 | Author Richard Bartholomew "The Deep State in the Heart of Texas: The Texas Connections to the Kennedy Assassination" visits us to tease us about some new revelations about what happened in Dallas Texas 55 years ago and The infamous Zapruder Film.

Paranormal News Of The Week: November 17th, 2018
Jason Cousineau and Eric Renderking Fisk discuss Operation Choke Point, Google Censoring search results for The Fedora Chronicles articles, Screen Time rewiring your brain, and China's Artificial Sun.

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The Book Cellar

Technocrats Ruined America: Liberal Heretic Thomas Frank Calls Out Other Liberals with The Book That Cost Him His Job! by Eric Renderking Fisk | October 4th, 2018 - Thomas Frank says the Working Class was actually hurt more when Democrats acted more like stereotypical Republicans than actual Republicans.

Fedora Chronicles Review: "Reclaiming Parkland: Tom Hanks, Vincent Bugliosi, and the JFK Assassination in the New Hollywood." | September 2018.

Review: “13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi,” By MItchell Zuckoff - Reivewed by Eric Renderking Fisk.

Review: Kitchen Confidential and Medium Raw | June 17th, 2017
Eric Renderking Fisk revisits the work of Anthony Bourdain after his untimely death. - Be sure to read past reviews in The Book Cellar.

The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show

The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show 94: Dieselpunk for October 2018 | October 17th, 2018
John Pyka and Eric Renderking Fisk talk about what's new in Dieselpunk for October 2018. The Man In The High Castle Season 3, The Girl who Handcuffed Houdini, SS-GB, Albert Einstein: Time Mason by Tony Donley, Jekyll Island Chronicles.

The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show 93: The Deep State | October 10th, 2018
An interview Hal Shurtleff about his talk on The Deep State and how it's a non-partisan problem and a concern for all Americans.

The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show 92 | September 10th, 2018
On this Cousineau Report Editon of The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show, Jason Cousineau and Eric Renderking Fisk talk about not talking about Partisan Politics, letting crazy people say their peace so we know who they are and who to avoid, domestic terrorism, conspiracies, Midnight Climax, military budgets, and the truth about social media selling data. 

The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show 91 | September 4th, 2018
This time on The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show and Dieselpunk Podcast - Daisy O'Dare, John Pyka, Larry Amyett and Eric Renderking Fisk talk about Star Trek, Star Wars, Canceled Dieselpunk TV shows, Toxic Fans, and Tin Can Tommies... and check out past episodes.

The Electric Speakeasy Returns!

Now people are looking for new platforms, alternatives to Facebook. There are a lot of people who see what's happening and how it's going to be getting worse. They are going to start censoring the crap out of social media, and/or social media is going to start demanding that you submit to their GroupThink. 

Here's what I see happening, Facebook is going to go the way of "MySpace." People are already leaving in droves. People are leaving Facebook and might not have anywhere to go... Well, to all of you. Welcome back and welcome home.


Harlan Ellison 1934 - 2018
Harlan Ellison was a terrific writer, one of the most famous writers of speculative fiction. Nobody like me needs to explain to you how great he was at this, you either know it or you don’t. I also don’t need to tell you that he was always a “grumpy old man,” his takedowns of pretentious, ignorant people from celebrities, politicians, televangelists, committees, are famous. If you don’t know Harlan Ellison for his writing, you know him at least for that. [Continued...]

The Fourth Horseman of The Steampunk Apocalypse. | March 5th, 2018
Eric Renderking Fisk tackles the stigma to the retrocentric community and the damage done via the accusations against Jeff Mack and The Steampunk World's Fair

The Fedora Chronicles Dine - Food and Drink

The Yelp on Yelp | June 14th, 2018
Eric Renderking Fisk explores what's wrong with sites that host reviews of your 'favorite' resturants and why they're a huge part of why horrible establishments with a lot of dough are able to cary on for decades when they should have been closed soon after they opened.

Steampunk Portal

"Army Of Brass - EA Hennessy Interview" by Phoebe Darqueling | May 8th, 2018
Phoebe Darqueling interviews EA Hennessy about 'Army Of Brass' for The Fedora Chronicles Women Of Retropunk. Visit The Steampunk Portal and Women Of Retropunk for more articles.

Women Of Retropunk

The Fedora Chronicles interview with KISS Designs Amber OBoyle Kulp.

Flicks To Hold You Over

"The Post" | January 28th, 2018
Eric Renderking Fisk reviews that a movie actually spoke to him as a publisher of a website. Also, check out “Background To Danger,” "Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (1984)" and other Flicks To Hold You Over

Food and Drink

The Fedora Chronicles Food and Drink: Spellbound Cabernet Sauvignon
Eric Renderking Fisk shares a bottle from California, vintage 2015.

Neural Download #2 “Manhunt: Unabomber”
October 14th, 2017 | Walt Schnabel reviews the Discovery Channel miniseries now on Netflix. Read more from Walt Schnabel.

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The Fedora Chronicles Style Guide

"The Rogue and Scoundrels Style Guide to Wearing A Fedora,"