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The Fedora Chronicles Mandate - 
Mission Statement And Disclaimer


Eric Renderking Fisk
The Fedora Chronicles
230 Middle Winchendon Road
Rindge NH 03461

Phone: 603-313-5113

Twitter: @fedorachronicle


Eric Fisk CGD | Fedora Chronicles/Eric Renderking Fisk

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Media updates:

It’s the intention of The Fedora Chronicles to provide our readers with news and updates of the latest releases of books, movies, and music - from, about or reminiscent of The Golden Era and World War II.

Commentary, “Rants”, and Editorials:

Regular Column’s written about current events and issues from the perspective of historians and aficionadi of the Golden Era. While there are staff members who’ll write columns on a regular basis, we encourage anyone with a passion for the subject and for writing to contribute as often as they would like. All appropriate articles will be considered for publication on The Fedora Chronicles. Articles may include the subject of (but are not limited to) historical events during the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, the events leading to and during the Second World War, and current events and how they relate or differ from those events of our favorite era.

The venue for Local Issues:

In the weeks to come, we will have a section dedicated to YOUR local political issues. The Fedora Chronicles will host individual pages for those readers who wish to inform others of “what’s going on”. For each State or region of the world (New Hampshire in The United States, or Countries such as Belgium, for examples) we will host a separate page at each reader request. If there’s a candidate that represents Traditional Values or if there’s a Voter Ordinance/Proposition that you would like to inform your fellow readers and citizens about, we’re more then happy to help. In short: We’ll help in setting up a page of The Fedora Chronicles for your local issues and candidates so you can have somewhere on the web to point to.

Vendors, Events, Air Shows, World War II Redactors:

Are you a hatter, making quality fedoras and you are looking to broaden your customer base? Are you a vendor that specializes in clothes, costumes, and uniforms of that era?

Do you belong to a World War II reenacting group and would like more people to know? Is there an Air Show in your area that will feature World War II-era fighters, bombers and civilian aircraft of that era- we’ll be happy to post a link to your event Anyone involved in such activities or groups are welcome to let us know and we’ll be more than happy to do a feature on your event.

Finally, The Fedora Chronicles is responsible for the content of articles written and all columns and artwork are the property of the artist. None of the work posted here on The Fedora Chronicles is to be reposted on the Internet or published without the consent of the Artist or The Fedora Chronicles. You can reach the webmaster at renderking (at)

What more would you like to know? How can we better serve you?