Randall "AeroDillo" Whiddon: Dispatches From The AeroDome:

Mr. Whiddon shares with us his vast knowledge of The History Of Flight. His first article is an entertaining and informative history of "Air Mail."

One Way Ticket: A Tribute To The World War II Workhorse Of The Air - The  U.S. Army Air Force’s Troop Carrier

Boeing B-29A Superfortress: "...The story of the Superfortress began on a rainy day in February of 1940, with a U.S. Army order calling for a new type of heavy bomber to supersede the Boeing B-17s and Consolidated B-24s then in service. The new design would require longer range and greater carrying capacity."

"Rainy Afternoon," Randall "AeroDillo" Whiddon has an epiphany about how one chance conversation with a veteran can turn your perspective around and causes one to focus on history that really counts. And how everyone's contribution should be remembered and celebrated.

About The Author. Randall "AeroDillo" Whiddon:

AeroDillo (more formally known as Randall Whiddon) has been writing and following aviation since the age of fourteen, a product of entirely too many air shows, history books, and John Wayne movies. He is currently a student pilot currently working through his Instrument rating at Texas State Technical College in Waco, Texas, with the intent of moving on to bush flying after graduation.

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