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Thursday, February 20, 2014 8:40 AM

Jack Frost

Global Warming - “Polar Vortex”

continues massive negative-heat wave…
Massive tons of mysterious white substance everywhere –

“More to come” Says nations Weatherman Al Gore.

Questioning Authority Of The Presidential Flat Earth Society Thanks to Liberal Groupthink and lack of educated opinions we’re plunging back into an Dark Age

Remembering Frank Herbert - Eric Renderking Fisk discusses how one book and it’s author (DUNE by Frank Herbert) introduced him to a world beyond his imagination – and used his own imagination to take people to similar places and new designs…

"Since When Is Being Succesful a Bad Thing?" If you don't want to be the best at what you do, go find something else. Being good or at the top of your game isn't evil...."

Super Bowl Coke Ad - Mission Accomplished.

Right after the Super Bowl there was a huge controversy about an ad from Coca-Cola featuring people from all over the world singing “America The Beautiful.” Not going to lie, my wife and I got choked up when we watched it the first time. It’s a just a commercial and like anything it’s up to interpretation – beauty or ugliness is in the eye of the beholder. When I first saw this commercial all I thought it was about people who came from other parts of the world to be in THIS country rather where they came from and the first they learned to do is learn to speak “America The Beautiful.” Maybe they learned that song in their native language BEFORE they came to this country. Who knows and who cares? Fact is, they wanted here and they want to sing “America The Beautiful” period. (Read More via blogger)

Night Of The Living Wage!

I have a problem with talking about what people are worth. It’s a difficult subject and one that can cause hard feelings and accusations of class warfare. The worst of all is being called an apologist for “The Rich.” – As an aside, when did it become fashionable to attack successful and wealthy people who aren’t athletes or performers?

I’m really conflicted by this issue because I know of a lot of people who work in restaurants and they really do a good job and they keep me coming back for more. The best example I can think of is a small restaurant here in my town. I want the people who work in this diner – especially the chefs – to make enough money for my own selfish reasons. I want them to be happy enough to work there forever and never want to find greener pastures so they can keep making amazing eggs benedict for me whenever I arrive. Folks who work in only my favorite restaurants should be making enough money so they’ll never want to stop doing what they love because of my own enjoyment. I’ll admit it. (Read More via Blogger)