The Metaphysical Connection Number 30, Walt Schnabel and Eric Renderking Fisk talk about a Close Encounter of The Grave Kind, Eric’s outing with the Conscious Spirit Paranormal Group of New England and the investigation of The Jones Graveyard in Orange Massachusetts.

The Marlowe Moment | August 10th, 2016 - Eric Renderking Fisk shares a different aspect of Joseph Campbell's 'Call To Action,' from the fan of a Raymond Chandler's novels.

Be sure to also checkout our review of "Stranger Things..."

Metaphysical Connection Episode 26 - Lunar Conspiracy | July 30th, 2016

In the first half of the show, Jim Loretta joins us to share with us some of the conspiracies and scientific theories about the moon.

Then Walt Schnabel and Eric Renderking Fisk talk about the Apollo Program, canceled missions, and what NASA could be hiding about what they found on the moon. We also talk about our ultimate dream team that we would send to the moon and explore mysterious regions and artifacts that might be waiting for us there...

Metaphysical Connection Episode 24– The Conscious Spirit Paranormal Group Of New Hampshire | July 15th, 2016

While Walt is on Vacation, Eric Renderking Fisk interviews members from Conscious Spirit Paranormal Group of New England. Featured here are some images they shared during their talk on July 16th that was held at Brown Bag Lunch Lectures at the Keene Library Public Library.

Metaphysical Connection Episode 24 – Alternate Dimensions. | July 9th, 2016

This time Walt and Eric talk about the idea that there are alternate universes, the notion that there are other versions of us and you in other dimensions, and that there may have been visitors that have crossed realms.

: Episode One of The Electric Speakeasy Podcast - a roundtable discussion with Fedora Chronicles regulars and special guests such as fellow retrocentrics, retrofuturist, and retronauts talk about current events that are important to you our listeners.

In this episode, we talk about Women of Cosplay, Sexual Harassment, nerd hygiene, and Paramount Studios slapping down their own Ten Commandments on Trekkie Fan Films.

The Metaphysical Connection 22: Bloodlines of The Elite | July 2nd, 2016

This time on The Metaphysical Connection, Walt talks to us about bloodlines of the elite and entertains the idea that everyone in power has some ancestral connection to royalty in Europe. We’re also joined by Jim Loretta, author of The Hidden Energies Behind Feng Shui, and one of our favorite club members, Jennifer Robinson Henry.

Walt also explains to us Rh factors and what it might actual means, that some people have more evidence of alien intervention in their blood while others have less, and what that means for human beings in everyday life.

It’s a bloody good episode of The Metaphysical Connection! Thanks for Listening and enjoy the show.

Fedora Chronicles Radio Show Number 60:
Retropunk Activist Dankaert Lexicon | July 2nd, 2016

Retropunk activist, and the host of Radio Retro on YouTube and Writer/Editor at Tupperware Steampunk- Dankaert Lexicon!

We talk about the term retropunk taking hold of the retrocentric community, blending of the shash-punk genres and styles, in-fighting in Cosplay, and finish up the conversation about moving our hobbies forward after costuming.

The Metaphysical Connection 21: Illuminati and Secret Societies |
June 24th, 2016

This week Walt and Eric talk about Illuminati and Secret Societies and how they might be a part of all conspiracy theories or none of them. Is there a secret group who control everything from government to media? Is it populated with politicians, business leaders, entertainment personalities, pop stars and even world leaders?

The Metaphysical Connection 19: Ancient Alien Pyramids Technology
Part Two | June 18th, 2016

Discussion about pyramids around the world including some found in Europe, The Americas, and even China. Then Walt surprises the heck out of Eric with a theory relating to other findings around the aforementioned pyramids.

The Metaphysical Connection 20: Nick Redfern and Weapons Of The Gods June10th, 2016

Walt Schnabel and Eric Renderking Fisk talk with Nick Redfern about his latest book - Weapons of the Gods: How Ancient Alien Civilizations Almost Destroyed the Earth.

Mr. Redfern is, of course, the prolific author of 37 books on various topics about the supernatural and paranormal which include "Bloodline Of The Gods," "The Real Men In Black,," "Close Encounters Of The Fatal Kind," "Strange Secrets - Real Government Files On The Unknown," and a personal favorite The Pyramids and The Pentagon."

The Metaphysical Connection 18: Ancient Alien Pyramids Technology
Part One | Walt Schnabel & Eric Renderking Fisk | June 3rd, 2016

Donald and Hillary calling each other frauds, Third-party Candidates, The Gorilla in the room and horrible parenting, and The Week In Space News!
Meanwhile, Walt and I are enjoying our favorite new beverage – Hard Ginger Ale from Henry’s Hard Soda!

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"Small Boxes" Jenny Henry counters Eric Renderking Fisk’s thesis from “Incomplete Kits”

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