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The Opposite Of Negative

Considering everything that happened last week, from the political bickering and posturing with claims that one side is eviler than the other (no, you’re eviler! No, you are! No, YOU are…) to the latest terrorist attack in London, celebrities using controversy to get attention, and the death of another classmate of mine… I snapped a little.

It’s time to snap in the opposite direction. So, what’s the opposite of negative? Whatever it is, we’re going to have go in that direction fast.

30 years ago, a couple of nights after one of my friends took his life my aunt called me to see if I was OK. It's probably the most important phone call she ever made and is probably the most important phone call I ever had.

Then she asked what the most important questions that has never been answered, what the hell is going on with us? Why are we doing what we're doing, and why are we cutting things so short without reaching out and talking to somebody?

All it took was one minute for somebody to reach out and just be a voice of concern, and it literally made all the difference in the world with everything else that was going on in my life the time.

It's now 2017, and I still don't have an answer for my aunt. I'm older and I'm wiser; well at least I'm older, but I still don't understand what the Hells going on with some of us. Yet another former classmate has passed away under similar circumstances and for me, this is a real mystery since it seems that he had everything I've ever wanted such as being close with his extended family. The tributes written by his sister on Facebook are powerful, sweet and painful and I believe that his former classmate of mine was really blessed. I don't believe that my own sister could write anything of that magnitude if I passed suddenly.

I thought he had everything I ever wanted in the realm of relationships with his family, but he was suffering from another kind of hurt that I can only try to comprehend. So many of us are asking "why" without getting any response.

I think we're past due, and I think we deserve answers.

Why do we feel so bad that we have to take a life into her own hands without reaching out to somebody?

Why do we have to demonetize loneliness and fear?

Why do we have to treat other men as if there less than men for simply asking questions and seeking help? Why is it so hard for us to ask for help, and view asking for help become a sign of weakness?

I believe as a generation we deserve better. And I believe that we deserve better from ourselves and each other. And I think it's about time we take up the mantle and start being provocative and controversial in the opposite direction of what we're seeing today.

I think we should be provocative and controversial by going the opposite of negative. Instead of all this hate mongering towards people who don't see things eye to eye, we really need to start uplifting each other or we're not gonna make it as a country or a species.

Remember you are loved the way my aunt loved me in my time of need. Reach out! And don't forget to keep your chin up and your fedora on.

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