The Official Fedora Chronicles Vendors List!
Updated April 6th, 2017

This is a work in progress. This is not a complete list of all the vendors since there are constantly new ones popping up all over the globe and others fading away before shuttering their doors.

Also, there are some vendors that will never be on this list because of their prior behavior such as rude treatment of their customers or their products don’t live up to our standards. But there are vendors listed here with a mere link and banner since we have nothing else to share; for now they merely exist and we need you to tell us what you think of them.

This is where you come in, fellow Retronaut! You need to share with us your experience with these vendors, and you need to keep sending us links to new ones that spring up! And if you’re a vendor – let us know! Get in touch with us so we can get to know you via a spot on this page and an interview in a podcast.

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And Now, A word from our sponsors!

Trinity Whip Company: Blake Bruning has been a whip enthusiast for over a decade. He spends his work days making whips and his evenings teaching Martial Arts.  Permanently residing in Indiana and happily married with 3 daughters, he is always grateful to Jesus Christ for each and every day.

Landron Artifacts: Al Landron is pioneering a brand-new frontier of fandom and collecting: Set decoration reproductions. Landron Artifacts is the premiere location to purchase wall reliefs that are inspired from the temple cave carvings seen in Raiders of The Lost Ark, pedestals and stands for prop replicas. Be sure to start your collection from his growing line of Cthulhu artifacts, too.

Al Landron also has several prints of his phenomenal art work that’s reminiscent of early H.R. Geiger and traditional Gothic horror.

All of Al Landron’s products are guaranteed to impress fellow fans, make other Indiana Jones fans jealous, and ward-off unwanted in-laws. When you see these products for the first time, you realize that it’s something you’ve always wanted but could never express into words.

Check out Landron Artifacts, but be warned – after getting one you’ll have to get them all.”

Penman Hats: John Penman is one of the oldest friends of The Fedora Chronicles. No other hatter has done more for this site. But don’t take our word for it, check out John’s own Facebook page and count the high-profile customers of this who are wearing his product. (As an aside, I always thought Starfleet uniforms should have included fedoras! Check out William Shatner wearing his!)

"Every hand-made Penman hat I deliver uses only the finest quality materials. Many detailed hours of craftsmanship go into the making of each and every hat, using only 100% pure beaver or pure rabbit felts.

Every hat has a vegetable-tanned sheepskin leather sweatband, a satin liner, and a grosgrain hat ribbon, each piece carefully sewn in by hand. Although not specifically designed to be worn in the rain, Penman hats will stand up beautifully when caught in the elements and continue to give you the sleek look you desire. With every order I receive, I strive to produce hats that are both comfortable and elegant. Every Penman hat is 100% custom-made to provide a perfect fit for every individual.

My hats are made in the tradition of the master hatters from the Golden Era using the best of old world tools and techniques. I start with a raw body that gets pulled over a wooden block, where it sits on the block until completely dry. The brim gets cut down and the hat is then sanded down (a process called pouncing). This achieves a finish as smooth as any you will ever find. The hat is then cleaned after the pouncing and gets a few coats of water protection. Once the hat is dry it is flanged to give the brim a shapely curl. Finally I sew in the sweatband, ribbon, and liner, all completely by hand. Upon request, I can style the hat for you or leave it open-crowned.

I am pleased to offer a wide range of felt colors to choose from, as well as different sizes and colors of ribbon. I am on a constant quest for vintage ribbon so these are always available in limited quantities. Please check with me before ordering to find what I currently have in stock." John Penman, Penman Hats!


: Klassische & Indy Fedora Hüte - Handgemacht in Deutschland: "Everything I do to create your Fedora hat, from blocking over sewing and sewing in each trimming to shaping it, is completely done by hand. The best materials and the knowledge of processes of hatmaking mostly forgotten today ensure the high quality for this premium product."


Indiego Jones Website

The Adventurebilt Hat Co.

Magnoli's Herbert Johnson Fedora

The Penman Hat Company

Peters Brothers - Custom


David Morgan - Adventurer & Bushman: Since 1962 when David and Dorothy Morgan started the company, we have been a family owned and operated mail order business presenting traditional, quality items discovered in the pursuit of their own personal interests.

In addition to jewelry from the Pacific Northwest and their own line of Celtic jewelry, David Morgan offers Akubra® hats from Australia, a range of quality leathergoods, Tilley hats, clothing and luggage, and much more. Many David Morgan suppliers are also family run, putting their personal integrity behind their goods.

HatsDirect - Akubra Federation IV

Christys' Adventurer: he Christys' Adventurer/Poet - is the original 'Indiana Jones' hat and offers remarkable versatility. In sable (brown) its rugged high crown and wide brim, is certainly one for the history books. 

When you receive your hat it will be open crown so that you can shape to your own style.

Crease-N-Corral Custom Straw Fedora's


Wested Leather Co."Once upon a time in the land of Kent, a man called Peter Botwright made the decision to create his own leather specialist firm and over 30 years later the company still stands as strong as ever. Originally the brand was called “Leather Concessionaires” but this changed when they moved into Wested Lane, in which the Wested Leather you know and love was truly built. This family run company tries their hardest to keep at least 90% of their products made in England, either within the factory/shop in Swanley, Kent or the factory within the heart of London.

The company itself made their success by creating the first of the Indiana Jones jackets for Harrison Ford, along with many other film costumes over the years. The wonderful internet made it possible for Wested to create replica jackets and sell them to the public, whilst keeping the shop in Kent open for those lucky few in the UK close enough to visit. However soon enough the internet wasn’t enough and people were flying from the USA, Australia and more to see the shop that was full of their favourite TV & film jackets."

Peter Botwright is THE MAN behind the origianl jacket from "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" and countless other iconic jackets from other films. With the expansion of their website and store they're now able to offer more than just replicas of the jackets. Mr. Botwright and Co. have expaned their Dr. Jones line to include their very own variations of the Indy shirt, trousers/pants, leather strap for gas bag, and the original bags themselves.

Wested also offers The Super Combo - jacket, shirt, pants, belt, whip... and a pen.

Magnoli's Adventure Jacket


Gibson & Barnes / Flightsuits

U.S. Wings


San Diego Leather Company


Clothes and Accessories

Magnoli Clothiers



What Price Glory







Giovanni Celeste

David Morgan

Winrich Whips

Bernardo del Carpio

Western Stage Props

Paul Nolan

Bernie W.

Classic Bullwhips (James Emery)

Simon Martin

Robert Duke

Jack Perry

Mike Murphy

Indy Whips

Karol Bilecki

Making Whip Poppers

Crease-N-Corral - Whips


Prop Guns


Den Trinity Shop

Model Guns

Western Stage Props (Smith&Wesson) & Western Stage Props (Webely Mk. IV)


Replica Guns Sword

Speedy Toys



E-Bay UK


What Price Glory

Click here to visit the entire store... which is a favorite of webmaster Eric Renderking Fisk. There are countless items not just for Indiana Jones fans (with the link to the Indiana Jones gear on the bottom left hand side!) but for every World War One and World War Two Reinactor.

What Price Glory has almost everything for Indiana Jones cosplayers; shirts and pants, holsters, gun and bag belts. All of these items are made to the same standards as their top-notch military replica wear.

Wested Leather