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"Around The World In 54 and 1/2 Days," Craig Whitton - April 4th, 2005: "This is the story of an adventure. A journey around the world. A journey of the mind, the heart, and me: Craig Whitton."

Chasing The Wind with Blackthorn - one of our best series to day: Travel journals from one of writers.

Where Is The Fedora Bar?

Vintage Aficionado "Wild Root" found this picture on-line, and many theories on where “The Fedora Bar” actually is.

Updated November 2007: For many years, none of us knew where it was or what kind of establishment it was until Doug Palumbo discovered it's location. Finding The Fedora Bar - "During Prohibition, the restaurant (known as Charlie’s Garden) was run as a law-abiding operation. However, as was the case with many “legitimate” businesses during that time, they also ran a speakeasy in the back of the building, complete with passwords and a hidden door."

 This looks like a great place to visit! Have you been there? If so, drop us a line.



"South Beach Florida - The Art Deco Scene" - Timothy J. Steiner | June 21st, 2005

Gettysburg Summit 2002: Chronicle of one of the first IndyGear Summits, Gettysburg 2002.

"The Excesses of Prohibition Chicago," By Aaron Sharp ("Paden") Photos By Jonathan Pokay - March 1st, 2007

Joe's Stock - Boston Crew Summit 2004: Tribute Page dedicated to the night when some members of The Boston Crew on the Indiana Jones Cosplay Group met at Joe's American Bar And Grill.

Ottawa Summit 2005: by Craig "Farnham54" Whitton - June 2005 Craig shares with us a special gathering will fellow IndyGearheads in Canada in 2005

Carolina Quirk And The Treasure Of The Lost Time Capsule: December 17th, 2007

Recently my grandmother (on my mother’s side), a wonderful woman passed away peacefully at the age of 97. Our family had been planning to visit her at her home in St. Louis over Christmas since this summer, and we decided that we would go to her home as planned and help with finalizing matters and to have a memorial service. [Click for the rest of the story.]

"Meeting Steven Spielberg," By: Elodie Cinquanta - (AKA: Elodie Jones) "On Wednesday June 27, 2007, three international fans (Elodie Jones from Switzerland, her friend Fred China from France, and Aaron Wilkinson from New Zealand) left for New Haven, CT. to fulfill their biggest dream. This dream was to see Indiana Jones IV in production at Yale University and to meet the director of the film, Steven Spielberg. - On Monday June 2, that dream became a reality!

"The Excesses of Prohibition Chicago"  by Aaron Sharp ("Paden" on our forum...) with Photos By Jonathan Pokay - Mr. Sharp shares with The Fedora Chronicles his essay written for college about our favorite period in history in one of our favorite cities!