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Thank you for getting in touch with me in regards to advertising on our website…

The advertising rate for The Fedora Chronicles between January 1st and December 31st 2017 is $15 a month. Included in this advertising package is:

We screen all our advertisers, to make sure that they’re a good fit for the website and our demographic. Our audience consist of people who are passionate about the style and substance of the Jazz Era (1920’s – Mid 1950’s) as we are. Their interests include a spectrum that span from attire from that era, “Adventure/Safari” wear, Art Deco and other architectural styles of that era, Dieselpunk style (Retro-Futurism devoted to the “what if” elements from those decade) film noir and contemporary period films, and the spirit of adventure and exploration from Archeology to Aviation to Astrophysics.

To make sure that your Fedora Chronicles advertising dollars are not wasted, I work to ensure that their ad is the best it can be, attention grabbing, and meets the high standards of our readers. It’s my job to help you with your ads and banners by applying my 20 years’ experience as a professional graphic designer to ensure they are the best they can be while focused on our demographic.

The easiest way to paying for your advertising is easy by using our papal account. You can go to

If at any time you have any questions and concerns you’re more than welcome to reach me directly via telephone or private email. You can also discuss with me the other products and services I provide in regards to social media integration, websites, and any other digital media needs you have in the future.

Thank you in advance and I’m excited to work with you in the future.

Eric Fisk
The Fedora Chronicles

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