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Radio Show 84 - Wild Skies

Next on The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show in conjuction with The Dieselpunk Podcast, John Pyka and Eric Fisk talk with the creators behind "Wild Skies."

Wild Skies is a story-driven, dieselpunk RPG of anthropomorphic animals, where sky pirates fight for survival over 1930's Europe. Created by Wet Ink Games!

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Show Notes

Sea of Corruption - Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind
The Sea of Corruption is a vast poisonous forest that constantly threatens the thin areas where humans can live. The forest is filled with a deadly miasma that chokes all human and animal life. Only those wearing a Shohki Mask or the equivalent can hope to survive in this deadly place.

The Sea has several different layers. The "trees" release spores in the afternoon causing updrafts in the air

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