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The Fedora Chronicles Fourms

The Fedora Chronicles Facebook Group: First and foremost, this is a forum celebrating the members of this forum; the everyday fedora wearers and our adventures from the extraordinary to the mundane everyday life. 

Dedicated to recapturing the Style and Spirit Of Adventure Of The 1920's through the Mid 1950's. Also devoted to encouraging others to explore their own interests like unexplained phenomenon, the paranormal or just aspects or eras of history you find interesting. 

You can't make everyone happy, and its even worse if you try hard to make nobody mad. Keep Calm And Your Hat On - Live your life as you see fit...

The Metaphysical Connection: The second podcast on The Fedora Chronicles Network staring Eric Renderking Fisk and Walt Schnabel. On this show, we stick to The Metaphysical, Unexplained Phenomenon, and the paranormal. We'll also explore conspiracy theories, and terrifying things that go bump in the night.

Dieselpunks: This group is now dedicated for Dieselpunks everywhere in cooperation of, The Dieselpunk Podcast and The Fedora Chronicles!  Share your Dieselpunk news and events! And feel free to invite your dieselpunk friends! 

Dieselpunk is a celebration of the retro futurism of the 1920s – 1940s. The genre asks “what if” and presents the future of tomorrow through yesterday’s eyes. The visual aesthetics incorporate elements of art deco, noir, prohibition, flappers, gangsters, and the Great Wars combined with sci-fi, fantasy, magic, alt history, and future technology to create a unique and distinct genre.

Diehard Indy Fans ONLY: This is the only Indiana Jones fan club on Facebook that does what it says and says what it does – no matter what we will be faithful to our old screen hero: Indiana Jones. We will not only maintain our love of the films we will also share our own ventures out in the real world as we keep our chins up and fedoras on. Trust me…

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