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Landron Artifacts.

"Al Landron is blazing the trail through a new realm of fandom collecting - Set Piece Replicas! These items are essential for everyone's collection and display case. If you're a fan of Indiana Jones or you're a fedora-clad thrill seeker yourself, you need these items!"

- Eric Renderking Fisk

Fedora Vendors

Penman Hats:

"Every hand-made Penman hat I deliver uses only the finest quality materials.  Many detailed hours of craftsmanship go into the making of each and every hat, using only 100% pure beaver or pure rabbit felts.  Every hat has a vegetable-tanned sheepskin leather sweatband, a satin liner, and a grosgrain hat ribbon, each piece carefully sewn in by hand. Although not specifically designed to be worn in the rain, Penman hats will stand up beautifully when caught in the elements and continue to give you the sleek look you desire.  With every order I receive, I strive to produce hats that are both comfortable and elegant.  Every Penman hat is 100% custom-made to provide a perfect fit for every individual."

Vintage Silhouettes

Art has been here from the beginning, learning with us, then teaching, and providing some of the very best custom hats to be had anywhere.

Paul's Hat Works

Paul's Hat Works was opened by Napoleon Marquez in 1918. He came to the United States from Peru, having grown up around the Ecuadorian tradition of weaving Panama straw hats. He passed the legacy to his godson Kelley Bowling, who ran the shop with his wife Stephanie for many more years. The third generation to own Paul’s Hat Works was Michael Harris and his wife Judy. Michael became the owner in 1980, but 28 years later he was ready to retire and paint the coasts of California. Michael looked for a successor, sure that only a knight in shining armor could continue the 91-year-old legacy.

Low and behold four young lady residents of the Richmond District rose to the occasion. With a collective history in fashion, textiles, costuming, invention and co-operative business, the four ladies filled the role of knight in shining armor well.

Jones Wear

What Price Glory

Click here to visit the entire store... which is a favorite of webmaster Eric Renderking Fisk. There are countless items not just for Indiana Jones fans (with the link to the Indiana Jones gear on the bottom left hand side!) but for every World War One and World War Two Reinactor.

What Price Glory has almost everything for Indiana Jones cosplayers; shirts and pants, holsters, gun and bag belts. All of these items are made to the same standards as their top-notch military replica wear.


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