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The United Corporatocracy

At what point is an apology not enough? What happens when someone crossed a line and there's no coming back from it, expecting brutality is new normal.

Regarding the mistreatment of a passenger on United Flight Sunday, April 9th, 2017 I’m frightened to think about how I would have reacted if I was one of the people witnessing such brutality. I’m frightened to think about how I would have reacted if that was happening to me, my wife, my children, or my elderly in-laws. I’m disturbed because family members of mine travel for business, that someone I love often flies to Chicago – where this incident took place. And I can empathize because I have been bullied by “authority figures” like this in the past.

This is one of the unintended consequences of living in a post 9/11 world overshadowed by “The Patriot Act” that gives government agencies from the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) to local Sheriff’s department to treat suspected terrorists any way they seem fit while at the same time redefining what the word “terrorist” means.

A decade ago a “terrorist” was a Muslim man with a box cutter, this week it’s a man who refused to give up his seat that he paid for. Next week a "terrorist" could be someone who asks a flight attendant a question with a tone that flight attendant doesn't believe is genuinly polite enough.

And I’m writing this as someone who, in the spring of 2010, was interrogated for a half an hour because I accidently left my military style satchel (MKVII gas mask bag) on the on an airplane which contained a GPS device and a few business cards that promoted a website that’s been placed on a “watch list “by the former governor turned United States Senator because that website promotes anti-authoritarian, anarchistic views.

My fear of the TSA and pseudo-police agencies over stepping their authority is real and not some academic exercise. In an environment when the TSA the flight attendants and various other airport employees can screw with you and you have no recourse, something like what happened on United Flight 3411 was inevitable and maybe we should be surprised something like this hasn’t happened sooner.

This is one man, a small man, being overwhelmed and violently apprehended in a small confined space for committing no other crime beyond not giving up the seat he paid for and he needed to get home. He did not want to give up his seat to a United Airlines employee who "needed" that seat more than he did for another United Flight scheduled later.

Rosa Parks, anyone?

What I can tell you about why this incident has me concerned is that his confirms some of my fears about America becoming a Corporatocracy – The United States and other western countries being run by cooperation’s and we are no longer democarcies. If this incident proves anything, it’s that we’ve come to the point when whims of cooperation’s supersede human rights.

This isn’t also just about what happened on this passenger jet, this is also about the charged environment when many of us are already concerned about police brutality, if this is what they do when civilians are filming them while they’re mistreating suspects, we can only imagine what they do behind closed doors in interrogation rooms when there are no streaming videos to the rest of the world.

And as a part of doing this rant I looked up the thugs who dragged this passenger of the plane, these are members of The Chicago Airport Police who aren’t real police, a mere private ‘security agency’ hired by The O’Hare International Airport with nebulous legal authority.

And by doing a quick search on this topic, the city already has a genuine issue with private police with questions about who holds these private police officers in check, who holds them accountable, and at what point to they owe allegiances to the cooperation’s who hire them and not to the local government or laws.

But didn’t we already have some idea this was coming? Anyone who travels often has stories of some incidents that have a whiff of harmful behavior that stinks and many of us have anecdotes of how people are treated like cattle at the long waiting lines, the brisk and harsh nature by the TSA agents, or the way we’re packed and confined into these flying metal containers. What's concerning is how powerless the passangers of United Flight 3411 were, as if they were already conditioned to be members of the herd lead to the slaughter.

Thus, America becoming a Corporatocracy, or since cooperation’s are “people,” who are “more equal” that the rest of us, it’s already a Corporatocracy and we’re just waking up to that fact.

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