Lace Men Shorts & Intolorance

Eric Renderking Fisk | June 12th, 2017

Here’s something a few people don’t understand about opinions – especially informed opinions – I get to have one. I get to have an opinion after looking at something and tell you, my readers, what I think. Thanks to PayPal, Patreon, Zazzle, Amazon, and all the other ways The Fedora Chronicles makes a little money that’s literally what some of you folks pay me to do. I get to look at crap and say that it’s crap and tell you why it’s crap and why I believe film noir junkies, retrocentrics, and dieselpunks should hate it.

As a man, who wears men’s clothes, and runs a website called “The Fedora Chronicles,” I must give my opinion on the latest men’s fashions because like I just told you, that's now my job!

Which brings me to this article from Heat Street: - “Those Who Dare to Criticize Ugly ‘Lace Shorts for Men’ Are Being Slammed as ‘Intolerant’”

Before I get to the MEAT of this article (and the others on this topic,) let’s just get this out in the open. Why yes… I am intolerant. I totally admit it, open, freely and proudly. I am intolerant of clothes that are cheap, cheaply made, don’t fit properly and look like overpriced garbage. In fact, I’m intolerant of overpriced garbage.

So, intolerant? Guilty as charged, your honor. The Defense rests!

As for these lacy shorts for men? I call it how I see it and the way I see it they aren’t doing anything for the men and their masculinity any favors. Because of what we associate with lace, they make the men in the picture look ‘fragile’ and soft. I highly doubt a man who spends $100 on fragle clothes would be afraid to do anything beyond leisure.

If a man who has the kind of active life I live, this ‘lacy daywear’ wouldn’t last 5 minutes without being ruined during a walk through the woods. Do you have $100 to waste an article of clothing that’s that disposable? I don’t’.

All men are constantly trying to as manly and as masculine as we can – because that’s the nature of the beast – Lacy men’s shorts is cancer of masculinity.

Women are attracted to men who are masculine, that look like they could handle any situation and could act like ‘a man’ if the situation arrived, as millions of years of evolution have proven. Since I know women the way I do, I can state as a fact that women want men who are tough when they must be, sensitive when they need to be, depending on the situation.

It’s my experience that women are not attracted to men who wear lacy clothes and faint at the first sign of trouble. These lace shorts scream “I’m a helpless, effeminate male,” on a sound system that goes all the way to ‘eleven.’

Women bitch and moan a lot over the cyberwaves that there aren’t any “real” men any more. There’s either all dead or they’re all taken. There are no “real” men for any of these women, just the losers, dregs, and deadbeats and a lot of women out there are desperate and lonely. Or worse these women settle for second (or third, or fourth…) best. If any of these women who bemoan about the loss of “real men” in society but also bemoan that we are “intolerant” because we think this is the dumbest idea since plaid polyester bellbottoms, they only have their selves to blame.

The reason why men have become such “pussies” is because you’re encouraging them to become exactly that.

There are those people that seem to think that if you want to propagate a bullshit idea or trend, just call people “intolerant,” “biased,” and “bigoted” and somehow that will shame people into going along with this bullshit idea. Shame doesn’t’ work that way. In fact, the more some of these authors proclaim that I’m “intolerant” the more likely I am to want to put my $150 per pair combat boots up their asses. I’m more likely to revolt when any of these clowns tell me that I need to go along with this trend because it’s “in style now” and “it’s here.”

Disliking a specific fashion trend because it genuinely sucks and impractical doesn’t make any of us “homophobic” or “intolerant.” Admittedly we’re biased; biased towards a style that suits our needs and tastes. That doesn’t make us bad people, but saying it does makes those people the true villains. Yet all the people who are advocating this style and say we should embrace it or have no place to critique it are doing us a favor, anyone who says that style and life is all about “choices” and doing what everyone wants to do just gives us a free ticket to tell them to shut the funk up the next time they slam retrocentric/dieselpunk style.

Anyone who says this is “great” or “fashion forward” invalidates their own opinion on fashion trends and you never must listen to those people ever again. As if you ever did in the first place.