The Death of Reason

It is literally a more “Noir” world now that we allow idiots to propagate their idiotic beliefs because of their celebrity status. We allow celebrities to lie about science and make up facts. Case in point; Shaquille O'Neal seriously believes the Earth is flat, agrees with Kyrie Irving. This is nothing new since there have been countless celebrities, politicians, bloggers, and other famous people who have made claims that defy reason or logic but there’s something more about this nonsense about the Earth being flat which is contrary to almost every scientific discovery during the past couple of thousand years. Watch the exchange on YouTube...

Saying the earth is flat undermines every other aspect of science and reason because the notion that you can have an “opinion” on something as fundamental is this means everything else is up for grabs. If the Earth is flat, then other aspects of science fall apart quickly; all of the laws of physics begin to unravel. And if science and reason are mere conspiracy theories, then everything else is also up for debate, like history. Then ethics aren’t that far behind.

And society then falls apart.

The fact that “The Shaq” believes the planet Earth is flat is the direct result of decades of “The Friday Night Lights Syndrome” – a term I coined years ago; meaning that for far too long school athletic programs have been dictating to schools its priorities. This is the direct result of head coaches bullying college presidents into putting the football or basketball programs before everything else such as building a new stadium before building a new library.

This is the direct result of promoting student-athletes from one grade to the next because they can put numbers on a scoreboard during the game but are functionally illiterate in all other aspects of a school. This is also the direct result of allowing these same students to go about their academic careers believing that somehow, they are more important than any other aspect of school, that somehow the school campus revolves around them. Without these “stars,” we might as well lock the doors and condemn the building, and sell off the real estate to the highest bidders.

This is the direct result of the incident I witnessed thirty years ago, when a dad stood up with his son – the Varsity athlete – during a town hall budget meeting and spoke into the microphone; “You can cut history, science, math, and especially the faggoty arts, but don’t you dare cut the athletic programs.”

This is also the direct result of allowing celebrities to believe that somehow their opinions are somehow just as valid – or even more so – as those of actual experts. There are a handful of people out there today who would believe Shaquille O'Neal’s beliefs about the shape of this planet over the facts presented by Neil Tyson – and because of Mr. O’Neil, The United States and the rest of the western world might be a little dumber.

And I’m aware that as the cohost of The Metaphysical Connection, I’m playing with some serious fire and toying with my own credibility as a true, out of the closet conspiracy theorist. By unraveling some of Shaq’s bullshit I might be pulling on some of the threads of my own tapestry of wonky beliefs. I strongly believe that something happened in Roswell, New Mexico. I believe strange happened between February 20-21, 2004 when President Eisenhower disappeared during his vacation and was involved with something extortionary but also nefarious. I believe in the possibility of these things because of the outstanding evidence that “something” is going on because of the overwhelming evidence and I’m willing to read volumes on this subject from the perspectives of all sides.

The major difference between what I believe to be true and what “The Shaq” says about the shape of the planet we live is that one of our belief systems doesn’t depend on obliterating three millennia of science and research. What all of us who explore the realm of the supernatural and unexplained phenomenon is to get ahead of the curve and seek out what’s next – beyond what we already know or what’s being kept from us. We believe in all of this that everyone agrees to be true, but we also are looking to believe in, even more, not less than the established facts.

What “The Shaq” has done, especially with his celebrity status, is prove that reason is dying faster than Steampunk. If “The Shaq” can say things like “the Earth is flat because it looks like that to me,” and not challenged is opening the door to things like “two plus two equals five because I want it to be true.” Allowing someone to believe the world is flat contrary to every scientific fact means that it’s a mere matter of time before other truths are denied. Then we start burning women at the stake for “practicing witchcraft” when they’re applying science.

If you can deny the scientific evidence that proves a fact like the size and shape of the Earth, then you also must deny the history behind those discoveries. Then you can start carving away other historical facts that make you feel uncomfortable such as The Holocaust, then others like the history of racism, the history of fighting racism, and proclamations that “All Men Are Created Equal…

… Then there will be endless other horrible aspects of society that will return such as the belief that some people are literally inferior because of the color of their skin. Believing the world is flat isn’t that far off from believing there is actual ‘science’ behind bigotry.