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The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show #72

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This is The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show Episode 72, In this special episode, John Pyka, Daisy O’Dare from The Dieselpunk Podcast and Eric Renderking Fisk welcome back Tome Willson of The Mill Race Theatrical Company and founder of to talk about Halloween and why it’s so important to retrocentrics. We also talk about our favorite Halloween Films, and how we can make this holiday more our own.

Be sure to visit The Mill Race Theatrical Company by going to the website- The Mill Race Theatrical Company .com You can find more links to Tone’s troop by going to The Fedora /radio and go to episode 72!

Thanks for listening, and enjoy the show.


The Mill Race Theatrical Company is a non-profit immersive theater venue and maker space in the heart of Mt. Holly's art district.

Staffed by a multi-generational and multicultural ensemble interested in bringing new ideas to the world of live performance, TMRTCo specializes in original works that blur the line between storytelling and once-in-a-lifetime experience.


​​"The Mascot" by French writer/director Wladyslaw Starewicz (1933)​​

​​Houdini (2014)

​​The Others (2001)

​​Planetarium (2016)

​​HP Lovecraft Historical Society's "Call of Cthulhu"​ (2005)​

​​HP Lovecraft Historical Society's "The Whisperer in Darkness"​ (2011)​

​​The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (2006)

​​Shadow of the Vampire (2000)


​​Silly Symphony - The Skeleton Dance (1929)

​​​ Silly Symphony - Hell's Bells (1929)

​​Mickey Mouse - The Haunted House (1929)

​​ ​​Betty Boop's Hallowe'en Party (1933)

​​Mickey Mouse - The Mad Doctor (1933)

​​Live Events

​​The Magical Arts Center

​​Noir at the Bar

​​Comic Books

​​Hellboy Volume 1: Seed of Destruction


​​Cthulhu Live​ (LARP)​

​​Trail of Cthulhu​ (Tabletop RPG)​

​​Elder Sign​ (Dice Rolling Game)​
​​Betrayal at the House on the Hill ​- ​2nd Edition​ (Haunted House Adventure Boardgame)​

​​Stories and Audio Stories

​​The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast
​​"Herbert West Re-Animator​" by HP Lovecraft​

​​"Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark​"​ by Alvin Schwartz from folklore that dates back from the Civil War all the way into the 1940s

​​"Pork Pie Hat​"​ by Peter Straub

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