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Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate” by Gary J. Byrne - June 28, 2016

There is a little "bait and switch" that’s occurred during the marketing of this book. This is not a book about how “Evil” Hillary Clinton was during her husband’s tenure as President during the 1990s’s or how evil the woman is now. This isn’t like the other exposé on Hillary Clinton and why she’s the must unqualified person to run for the White House. That’s not to say that it’s not appropriate for this campaign season; this is a perfect reminder of what the Clinton Years were and what happened when this clandestine couple occupied the Oval Office. It’s a harsh reminder for everyone who lived through it and a cold slap in the face of possible supporters of Hillary Clinton who might be voting for her in November 2016. It’s a refresher for some and a history lesson for others.

Much of the first few chapters of the book is mere stage-setting; who is this guy Gary Byrne and why should we care? We learn early on that he comes from a long line of men who believe in honor above everything else with the cliché’s like “you word is your bond” and “your actions inform others of your character.” There’s also much written about who his parents were and the type of people who surrounded him while he was raised in a military family, in a military environment before his father worked in the private sector.

The specifics of his past and his attitudes are later used as a lens for us to see though to understand why he believes what he does and better understand his reactions for some of the things we read further in the book. Mr. Byrne isn’t exactly a prude, mind you, but he sometimes lays it on thick with some of the old fashion values and wholesome attitudes. We’re made to understand in his own words that Gary Byrne is an old-fashioned kind of guy, the Gary Cooper “awe, shucks” polite gentleman who couldn’t imagine some of the shenanigans he will soon witness at the White House after becoming a Secret Service agent. We start with the genuine contrast between George H.W. Bush and the First Family who he serves first, then Bill Clinton with Hillary and Chelsey.

Some of the most shocking aspects of the transition are the unprofessional nature by some of the Clinton Staffers. during the first couple of weeks after the inauguration, there were many people in the Clinton Administration that things like “rules” and “budgets” didn’t apply to them. There was even some behavior from some of the clowns that believed that The White House is “our house now” things like security procedures didn’t apply to them and that they should have been allowed to simply walk onto the grounds without passports or IDs.
Imagine the audacity of a few people trying to walk around the security checkpoints with the attitude of “oh, you don’t need to worry about me, this is our house now, we don’t have much use for you people with badges anymore.” There were also more than a few people that actually squeaked past security protocol such as Craig Livingstone, former head of White House security (of all things) and the center of the “Filegate Scandal” that nobody remembers who actually hired this former Washington D.C. bouncer.

Mr. Byrne chronicles some of the worst security breaches of all that occurred during Clinton’s affairs with numerous women including the now infamous Monica Lewinski. There were a handful of instances when security was lax and women were sneaking around actually trying to get around the Secret Service men and women who were tasked to protect the President and make sure that nobody would actually try to sneak around and get to the President!

While there are more than a few sensational aspects of this book – like Clinton using expensive Presidential towels to clean up after himself after getting sucked off by the West Wing receptionist or getting it on with Eleanor Mondale (daughter of former Vice-President and Presidential candidate in 1984, Walter,) there are a lot of questions that are asked. If Clinton was so busy chasing tail, then how was he ever able to get any work done?

Then there’s another aspect of Clinton’s reckless behavior when it comes to the revolving door of whores and sluts at the White House, what if one of them was an actual assassin or crazed lunatic who wanted to simply kill the President? There were more than a few girls in Clinton’s life at that period of time that thought they were “The One,” and with Monica in the wings after being told that she would have to wait her turn while Bubba finished with another piece of ass, the reader can understand how plausible it was for someone to kill him in a fit of jealousy.

Or, if he was “accidentally” killed by Hillary during one of their many fights that ended with her throwing something at him?

Gary Byrne doesn’t shy away from speculation, either. Most notably the “suicide” of Vince Foster. How could anyone kill themselves with a gun that didn’t work?

There are more than a few “just let that sink in” moments like that one.

Readers get more than their money’s worth with this book with plenty of first-person eyewitness reports from Gary Byrne who was always within earshot of Clinton who heard and saw everything during his hours on duty. There’s more than enough exposing many of the skeletons that are hiding behind Bill Clinton’s closet door. We’re also to peak inside the TSA and the Air Marshals thanks to the final chapters of this book that narrate his career after leaving the Secret Service.
Once the book is done, a reader like myself wouldn’t be faulted if he or she asked; “What the hell did I just read?” There’s no reason to believe that what Gary Byrne shares with us in this book is wrong or a lie since he painfully honest and even prudish by self-censoring words that we’ve heard a couple dozen times in our lives. The incredibleness of this book lies more with the behavior of The Clintons and how they’re able to collect sycophantic followers when the couple is clearly sociopathic and borderline psychopaths.

How could these people be able to fool so many of us including those in the media into looking the other way in their wrong-doings and illegal behavior? How is it that if this is the real Clintons, how could they have risen to the top of American politics?