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Bonsart Bokel

Bonsart is a youtuber, model and organiser from the Netherlands that hosts Radio Retrofutre. On his youtube channel he presents vlogs, discussion panels and Podcasts with a kinds of personalities from many corners of the world to talk about their creative endeavours. He also has a documentary series called The Steampunk Beginners Guide, about steampunks origins, style and culture. He also serves as a producer on the Tales of a Broken Reality youtube-channel and made contributions to various blogs and sites like the The Fedora Chronicles.

Besides his Youtube Channel he also has two theme Groups, like Cinema Retrofutura that is working on a on-site cinema that runs Retropunk-shortmovies and music video’s and live presentations by Bonsart. And the 113th RAG-TAG, that is inspired by the many henchman-armies in popculture.

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