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RetroThread Podcast NUMBER ONE!
Tailors VS Seamstress

Ladies and Gentlemen – this is Episode One of our newest series: Retro Threads. Since our Fedora Chronicles Radio Show episode with Kass McGann was so successful that we decided to make her a regular part of The Fedora Chronicles. Our podcast will be a lot like the others on our site; Kass and I have a basic theme but we will go off topic once in a while and cover whatever happens to be on our minds so long as it’s intresting to you our listeners.

On this episode, Kass and Eric talk about the difference between tailors and seamstresses, the business of clothing, and the importance of dressing correctly for every occasion, and the meaning of life though the perspective of clothes.

And Our theme song is from Lina Sax, the song is her cover of the song “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie. Check out all of her music: