Move On And Admit You Just Hate The MAGA Cap.

Eric Renderking Fisk | January 23rd, 2019

NEWS FLASH! Adolescent punks were caught being adolescent punks while wearing stupid caps at a “Right To Life” rally and the media misreported a story to perpetuate a narrative. When the media was caught exaggerating or lying about what really happened there are still people clinging to the original narrative because they like to participate in “Recreational Anger.” The really smart people are asking 5 days later; “What should the media have been covering when they were focused on this ‘non-story’ story?”

We all know that the media lies for more than just ratings, maybe that’s it.

The New Media Lies.

I’ve been writing this on The Fedora Chronicles since 2004: The News Outlets lie. Every news media outlet has a bias and all news media outlet distorts every story to perpetuate the over-all narrative they are trying to propagate. Name any news organization or any reporter that has ever existed throughout time and I will tell you without a doubt that reporter has an angle or a specific point of view that could taint the way they report a story. Admittedly, some reporters do a better job than others in keeping their bias in check.

In the case of this story in particular – the incident between the high school students from Covington Catholic school, members of the Hebrew Israelites, and a few Native American elders during protests and counter-protests near the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, January 19th – is really nothing more than the greatest Rorschach Inkblot test I’ve seen in recent years.

You see what you want to see based on your political, racial, or political bias.

By now everyone knows the narrative the media sold us that it was these kids wearing the “Make America Great Again” caps while they were misbehaving, being rude and condescending to a Vietnam veteran and tribal ender Nathan Phillips. Then social media erupted with calls for these kids to be punished for what they did, either by expelling them from there school or pouring down violence upon them after doxing them.

For those who don’t know what “Doxing" means it is publishing their private information and where they live so hoards of ANTIFA thugs can commit acts of “social justice” on them after dark.

Then there have been other videos released from other people taken from other perspectives for longer periods of time that prove that what the media told us on Saturday and Sunday isn’t the whole truth. The story is far more complicated, not nearly as black and white as we were originally told. While those high school kids aren’t angels, they aren’t really the bad guys they were reported for being.

Granted, nothing takes away from the kids being smirky adolescents wearing MAGA hats.

They were after all mere adolescent punks were just doing what adolescent punks do, and this older Native American comes up to the one kid in the center of this video and starts pounding a drum in his face... what else did you expect this kid to do? Besides just smirk and walk away?

What more does everyone expect that kid to do in a situation like that? I would like to know because I’m at a loss for words. I’m having a hard believing that no matter what this kid could have done could have done to make the situation better or not make it any worse besides just stand there and look a little embarrassed. At least – according to his statement that I’ve linked to below – he had the forethought to realize there were camera and cellphones surrounding him and the thought it would be best to just stand there and smile. Good for him for being that level headed.

Die, Non-Conformist, DIE!

For all the people who want this kid to “die” or “burn,” or be expelled from school nothing kid would do or could do would be right because of that stupid MAGA cap that kid is wearing. He could be feeding the hungry at a homeless shelter while wearing that dumb cap and there would still be people posting on how they want that kid to die or be punished in a severe way.

I don’t like it, I wouldn’t want one of my kids to wear one, but he has just as much to wear it just as many of his idiot peers get to wear their pants half way down their asses or wear punk rock t-shirts with anti-authority slogans on them. I am sure that everyone reading this has some fashion mistake from their past that makes them cringe.

There’s this phenomenon right now that really disturbs many of us - the idea that you on the left MUST seek out and destroy someone because they don’t have the same views. You don’t know what those views are, you don’t know what people are trying to say... but it must be bad so we have to silence send de-platform those people NOW.

I wrote an article about why the recent Gillette ad is a horrible commercial in light of the brands marketing campaign for the past 30 years and their current loss of market dominance in the past 5 years. The ad is a great message - don’t be a dick and stand up to those who are - but Gillette is not the people who should be telling you that after 30 years of marketing campaigns that say otherwise. In less than 2 minutes, without even reading my article and trying to find out what I was saying I was labeled as a “sexist,” a “bigot” and a “homophobe.” Not because of what I was saying - they just assumed that because I hate that ad I must be all those horrible things. Without even finding out why I hate that ad.

There were people who hated me (and still do, I assume) not because of what I actually wrote but because it’s obvious they didn’t read it, but because they want to hate me based upon what they thought I was going to say because they need someone new to hate in this era of “Recreational Rage.”

Message recurved loud and clear, don’t go against the GroupThink or else you’ll get digitally curb-stomped on social media.

Dont' Let Facts Kill Your Hate-Buzz

This story that demonstrates not only that the media is quick to exploit and distort a story to fit a greater narrative, but once they have been caught in the lie or purposeful distortion and are forced to apologize and retract there are still those who still want to cling to the original “facts” to maintain their “Rage High.” In this example, even though the story has been clearly misreported with the story originally broke there are still so many among us who still want to pour hate upon this kid, ruin his life, destroy any kind of career he might have in high school and college because of this stupid moment and that damn cap.

There are so many times I have caught myself wanting to believe a horrible story is about someone I dislike simply because it’s convenient because I need more affirmation. I need yet another legitimate reason to dislike someone when most of the time the first (or second and third…) reason should be good enough and I should just move along with my life.

It's an ugly aspect of my personality that I dislike, but there it is, I admit it.

The story is manufactured and manipulated to perpetuate a narrative when it’s OK to just say “I don’t’ like that kid because he’s wearing that MAGA cap and all that it represents,” then move along with your life without destroying his.

There are people who hate me because I wear a fedora and I'm able to get away with it. I'm able to get away with wearing a fedora with swagger, and people loath me for it. And clearly no other reason. And that's fine since it doesn't effect me.

A Cover-Up?

But we have to ask ourselves, what is with the news outlets spending all the time on this particular issue this weekend? How could this “viral video” be so important that CNN, MSNBC, and of course FOX News spent so much time on this topic? Unless it’s a really snow – I mean slow – news week for the network, what were they trying to distract us from this time? Understand now, please, that this story about that kid in the MAGA hat is so clearly a distraction from something else we should have been focusing.

In the meantime: Thank God social media didn’t exist when I was in my Angry Punk Nerd Anti-Authority phase.


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