The Enemy of My Enemy Is Still The CIA

Eric Renderking Fisk | August 20th, 2018

Don't waste your breath or tears for John Brennan...

I was going to let this go. I wrote this rant and wasn’t going to publish this until I saw this post from a Facebook friend,

"Trump is about to smear The CIA Director who took out Bin Laden. I call any remain [sic] Trump fans to explain this."

… And then following hat post there were other comments regarding Trump rescinding former CIA Director John Brennan and how this is such an outrage.

I had to laugh, because of the image it brough to mind; John Brennan took out Osama Bin Laden! Like, took him out for dinner and drinks? Took him out for a movie? Took him him out for kareoke night something? What that mean, John Brennan "took out" Bin Ladin? Like kill him? He didn't do that, somebody else made that happen. Because the last time I checked, Brennan wasn't a member of "SEAL Team Six."

Back in July one of the biggest news item from Washington was about Donald Trump’s lackluster performance in Helsinki and his comments made about the Intelligence community and their lack of trustworthiness. This statement of Trump’s has everyone in the news media comment on how horrible this admission is and why it’s a betrayal of our covert intelligence gathering agencies.

I’ll cut some of you off at the pass and make sure we’re clear on this one issue – by no means am I defending Donald Trump nor his remarks. It was a mistake for Trump to say he’s convinced that Russia didn’t mettle in the 2016 election. Everyone who says there wasn’t there wasn’t outside interference and that ‘someone’ wasn’t playing both sides against the middle is a fool. The specifics of who that “someone” was as the perpetrator in all this are up for you to decide.

[There are also claims being made that the same Russian agents were conspiring with Hilarry Clinton's campaign at the same time, but that's a rant for another day...]

Cringe Worthy.

The American Intelligence community is deserving of criticism. I can't think of a single former CIA director who deserves my respect regardless of what political party they belong to or who appointed them. There is a mountain of books and articles on the nature of The American Intelligence community that proves without a shadow of a doubt that they can’t be trusted with the concept of “the truth.” American history has ubiquitous examples of how our intelligence community misled, purposefully misinformed, and outright lied to the leaders in this country in an attempt to convince them to commit to an action that benefits their goals, not the goals of the American people and our allies.

Which books do I mean specifically? You can pretty much go through all the books that I’ve reviewed on this site about The CIA and The FBI are the ones that I can say without a doubt illustrate that “they” lie to us. Find them for yourself via the link to The Book Cellar. With that in mind…

The Bay of Pigs invasion is the most obvious example I can think of, only because as I’m writing this I’m looking at the meme someone created with pictures of Wolf Blitzer... The CIA under the command of Allen Dulles purposefully lied to Jack Kennedy about the nature of the invasion of Cuba to start an all-out war with The Soviet Union over that island. During the same time, the same agency under the same leader lied to the same President about the nature of the conflict in Vietnam.

The CIA Lies. Period.

Most notably in the past 20 years is the manipulation and manufacturing evidence that “proved” that Iraq was an imminent threat to the western world. True, the regime under Saddam Hussain had illegal weapons programs that were forbidden by international law and sanctions against that country after the First Gulf War and Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, but the Iraqi military wasn’t on the verge of any breakthroughs and weren’t going to use their weapons “any second now.”

The biggest problem with this criticism of Donald Trump back in July is that while people are in such a hurry to denounce Trump that they are rushing to defend the same agencies they scorned for the past two or three decades. There are some people that I love and admire who were so anti-establishment during the era of Vietnam and Watergate, they’re actually defending the same agencies they swore to always oppose for the rest of their lives because of Trump.

But because Trump criticized the heads of The CIA and FBI, these lifelong critics are now their most passionate supporters? How does that work?

I know this is going to be hard for a lot of people to accept, but you can be against two things simultaneously.

You can dislike Donald Trump for whatever reasons while at the same time agree with his comments about how the United States Intelligence community. You can hate Trump for whatever reasons you have, and you can still dislike and distrust the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOD, DOJ, and all the other Alphabet Soup agencies.

The enemy of your enemy is not your friend. Simply because Donald Trump as some legitimate (and not so legitimate) reasons to dislike the intelligence agencies does not mean for a second that you have to stop distrusting them. This isn’t junior high or Middle School when you find out that some dork or bully loves your favorite band means you must stop liking them.

You approve or disapprove of something because it’s the right thing to do, not because it’s trendy.

We do not forgive and forget a group of agencies for their laundry lists of misdeeds. Let’s not forget that there are still a lot of us who are on “watch lists” for speaking out against the establishment, nor forget that they are still using social media and modern technology to monitor law abiding citizens in the name of “safety and security.” Trump proclaiming his distrust of our own intelegence agencies does not condone their behavior of using Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and Yahoo to monitor people.

Regardless of who is in the White House, what party The President of The United States belongs to, we do not absolve these agencies of horrible behavior. We do not give the CIA and the other agencies a pass because they are investigating crooked politicians that we don’t like and turn around and condemn them when they investigate the ones we do like or love. When the head of any of these bureaus and agencies is appointed by The President of your choosing, that does not mean that that bureau or agency is anointed to do only good works.

Again, this week, just like in July, people are running to the defense of the same people they have vilified before, this time due to the controversy of Trump revoking the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan who has been openly critical of the current President. With the outrage by the left, you would have thought John Brennan is some kind of national treasure and a beloved actor like Jimmy Stewart or Jerry Seinfeld. [Continuted after this meme that I stole from social media...]

Provided below is a list of links that I have found in regards to John Brennan that support the assertion that he’s not someone whom Americans should be defending or rallying behind, and he’s not worthy of the adoration of those people who label themselves as liberal or democrat, or people who claim that they care about basic human rights or The United States reputation in the rest of the world.

I find it amazing how easily the media such as The Washington Post or The New York Times forgets how they reported this character’s misdeeds years ago and have forgotten much of that while trying to rally to his cause and denounce Trump for denying Mr. Brennan’s -the former CIA Director – clearance. I’m also a little sad at how many people who I like, and respect have bought into it.

John Brennan is not your hero and isn’t worthy of your outrage for his behalf. He’s worthy of your outrage, sure… but not the way they want you to be angry. Just like the old adage that a broken clock is right twice a day, just maybe there's a ligitimate reason why John Brennan is getting this treatment from Donald Trump.

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