In Celebration of The Death of A Terrorist?

Eric Renderking Fisk | November 18th, 2004

This was one of many stories in the news after the death of Yasser Arafat. Since his death, this man has been treated by the elite media with high honors with the intensity of energy of an actual Earth-Shattering event. It’s as if a legendary Pop-Star had passed off in his prime, the Arabic answer to Elvis had finally “Left The Building” for the very last time. Fact is, I did a quick search on the Internet and I tried to find if there were reactions similar after the death of Mother Teresa or Ronald Reagan… one nun and one former President of The United States… and I’m still struggling to find news of the Flags at half mass at The United Nations for either of these two. Say what you want about Ronald Reagan, but I dare say that Mother Teresa did more for World Peace in a single week then Arafat has done in his whole life.

If anything, Arafat was the anti-Teresa; The Reverend Mother dedicated her life to peace and forgiveness while the only “peace” Arafat was dedicated to was giving his “martyrs” the resources to blow them selves up and Jewish residents thus causing repetition to the peace process. A Peace treaty would be signed, then another bombing and an end to the treaty… another peace treaty world lead to another bombing ending THAT treaty.

And during the week since his death, there have been many retrospectives of his life, and yet the media has been arrogant and remiss in addressing the countless lives taken by his terrorist groups. I find this imbalance disturbing and bordering on heresy. At the very least, it’s in bad taste.

Who was Arafat besides the self proclaimed leader of The Palestinian people and fundraiser for Palestinian terrorist groups? He was a man who passed up every opportunity for lasting peace and effort to end the bloodshed in Israel. President Clinton once said Arafat never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. During the last years of his administration, President Clinton when into “Operation: Legacy Rescue” to save himself from being put into the history books as the first American President to be impeached… he worked harder then he had ever worked in his life (and doing legitimate work for a change) trying to end the confect in Israel. Clinton’s goal was to bring a lasting peace to the Middle East and was able to secure 98% of everything Arafat said he wanted. Arafat eventually walked away, using the excuse that Jerusalem was the “all or nothing” goal for a Palestinian state. If Jerusalem couldn’t be the capitol of a new Palestine, then there would be no new Palestinian State. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak even made an offer to give Arafat everything he could have wanted, including giving Sovereignty of The Temple Mount back to the Palestinian people, but Arafat just walked away from the Peace Talks in Camp David.

Besides the self proclaimed leader of The Palestinian people and fundraiser for Palestinian terrorist groups, Arafat was the master of “The Stall”, giving lip service to the idea of peace while at the same time working hard to make sure there was never a lasting peace until Israel was eliminated.

Don’t the Palestinian people deserve a leader who’s BETTER then Arafat? While Arafat was lying on his deathbed, there were rumors that his wife and his aids were trying to find out the numbers to unlock the secret Swiss bank accounts. According to many news sources, Arafat had squirreled away hundreds of millions of dollars that were donated to the Palestinian people for humanitarian aid and for the eventual resources of the eventual new Palestinian State. The Palestinian people have been living in squalor with abysmal living conditions under abominably low unemployment. What did Arafat do to help these people besides offer these people hope if only they would be martyrs for Allah? It’s a serious question that I would like an answer to: What GOOD did Arafat do for his people? I don’t have a clue.

In the end, I can’t say anything good about Yasser Arafat. I honestly feel bad for the majority of the Palestinian people who have been mislead by him and his surrogates in the United Nations and the rest of the world who have used these people as pawns in the evil chess game in the middle east. In no way am I criticizing the Muslim people or the religion that’s been hijacked by terrorists, it’s the leadership that I’m condemning.

Arafat was the Hitler of The Second Half of The Twentieth Century. Insincere in his aspirations for peace, sought appeasement to have more time to build recourses for terrorism, commit crimes against the Jews in Israel and against humanity. He was a brilliant strategist, able to convince the world that he was another victim in the Middle East Dilemma while living high on the hog as his people starved, waiting for the opportunity to become a “martyrs” so their families would be awarded a windfall.

Just as it was perversion that this man was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, this man being honored by the media as an elder statesman and the dearly departed. His legacy isn’t peace, it was chaos and death… he was the architect of modern terrorism. His legacy is the terrorist attacks made by his heirs, Al-Qaeda. 

This man’s honored after a life of lies, deceit and murder, while this week an American soldier and Marine is vilified by the same media for defending his fellow service men? Tell me this isn’t backwards.


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