John Kerry Is Losing This Election: Here’s why.

Eric Renderking Fisk | September 17th, 2004

As of this writing, John Kerry is behind in the polls as illustrated in Time Magazine and other polls such as Gallop and Zogby. This past Monday it was reported that President “Dubya” Bush is now ahead by 12 points. The poll that’s most kind to Kerry has him behind by only 5 point. So far, Kerry never broke ahead outside the margin of error and at this point it would take a miracle for Kerry to pull ahead. States that were solid in The Kerry Camp are now in either the “Undecided” (such as New Jersey) because it’s too close to call or they are now solid Bush states (Such as Michigan). Once solid state for the democrats are now “In Play” this season, and some have “Dubya” ahead with slight margins.

Regardless of which poll you’re following- John Kerry is losing badly and here are 6 points that explain why...

1. Swift Boats.

After the Democratic convention, there was a flood of media such as the “Unfit to Command” book and ads featuring “Swift Boat Veterans For Truth”. The vast majority of the “Swifties” who served with Kerry have come forward and put a shadow of doubt over his record and his metals. Many of the same veterans said he lied about ever being in Cambodia on Christmas OR New Years and that the atrocities he said he committed in his testimony to congress in 1971 never happened. In response to these "Swift boat attacks" and the book “Unfit To Command”, John Kerry has said on the Syndicated Radio show “Imus In The Morning” that these people are lying. One has to ask, since over 200 men who have participated with the research for this book and the ads, how can they ALL be lying and why? (Disclaimer: The Swift boat group has received funding by a Republican businessman in Texas. So what? George Soros has poured million of dollars in to the Kerry Campaign De-facto via ‘Move on Dot Org’ and other Hate-Bush groups. All's fair in Love and Political funding... for now anyway.)

So, they're all "lying." Every one of them? Lying?

2. A continuation of the first: John Kerry did not address the questions of his war record.

He never released his war record to the public. Instead he’s been letting his surrogates do it. If someone attacks you with claims that are untrue and you don’t set the record straight then everyone automatically believes the claims are true.

3. John Edwards.

Forget Waldo, where’s Edwards? John Edwards is now on the Missing Person’s list for the DNC. Where has he been since The Convention? Get the picture? Look for him on the side of Milk Cartons next week.

4. Kerry had his Campaign Staff fired.

Two weeks ago with only 50+ days before the election. Tell me what candidate won after turning over the Campaign over to a new team after the convention? What campaign has ever succeeded after turning over the team, period? Can’t name one? Thought so.

5. Terrorism Isn't The Issue It Used To Be...

In the August 16th issue of Time Magazine and Newsweek there was a story about how on the last few days on the month of July Homeland Security blew the whistle on a pending simultaneous terrorist attack in New York City, Newark New Jersey and Washington DC. John Kerry who’s still on a security committee in the Senate had a special briefing while on the road. Since that day, John Kerry didn’t talk to the press until yesterday (September 15,) after that briefing. It seems like since then, Kerry has lost the will to run a decent race. This is pure conjecture on my part, but there’s something that’s leading me to believe that something happened or something John Kerry’s seen has made him think twice about being President. Terrorism and the fight against it doesn't seem to be a huge priority to him.

6. Fake Documents.

If you’ve been in a cave on Mars and with out aid of a Television or Newspaper, then it’s news to you that Dan Rather is in huge trouble for presenting “documents” from Bush’s former commander such as a form that “proves” that Bush didn’t complete his commitment to The National Guard. Also, one of these “documents” is a letter from his commander to HIS commander… who had been retired 18 months earlier and would not have been the recipient of any such official letters or correspondence. The documents use a typewriter font that wasn’t available to the military at that time, proving that either these document are fake or “Time Travel” was involved. Now… how does this hurt Kerry? The Forms came from a Kerry Supporter in Texas named Bill Burkett- who handed them off to Rather’s daughter who also works for “Team Kerry” in the Lone Star state. Mr. Burkett handed these documents off to CBS with the understanding that he would be given access to the Kerry campaign. Bill Burkett said these documents came from a woman by the name of "Lucy Ramirez," someone the major networks are now moving mountains to find. Kerry might (and most likely) have nothing to do with this… but it LOOKS bad. This is going to hurt CBS and take some of Kerry’s points with it as it goes down.

What I’ve wanted this election is to have a fair fight and have someone a clear winner this cycle. Regardless of how many times George W. Bush talks about “Traditional Values” and talking about doing the right thing while “Staying The Course”, I would like to see him win or lose on merit… not because his opponent self-destructed.