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Message through Static.

The Fedora Chronicles: Ren's Rants - Keene-Troy TrailFor those of you who are not in the United States, or for those of you who are living here in America and who actually have LIVES that don’t revolve around politics… there was a debate Tuesday night that was held in Boston just down the road from the Render-Ranch. It was held by CNN and a “MTV-Generation” young voter coalition called “Rock The Vote”… an offspring or offshoot of the same MTV organization that was responsible for the very important question asked by a lovelorn gender-gaper babe what kind of underwear Bill Clinton wore. [For you fans of mine who would like to know…. I got the bases covered with the Boxer-briefs hybrid.]

Tuesday night’s debate wasn’t so much about getting the issues out as it was about insulting the intelligence of the younger population, the 18-24 year old age group. By the way the debate was run and presented you would have thought that it was more about “Dumbing down the Vote” then “Rocking the Vote”. Sappy jingles, rapid fire editing of the profile clips of the candidates and the ever present attempt by all those involved to be both smug and hip at the same time. It’s a failing of both political parties, not just the democrats… schmoozing to whom ever your addressing at that moment even if that means contradicting what you said to the pervious group you’ve spoken to.

After listening to the debate last night, I laid in bed yearning for a time in my life when I believed there wasn’t much difference in either political party, the goals were the same but the approaches were different. Now, nothing more could be the truth. Republicans are trying to find a way to insure the nations security while alienating the rest of the world while the Democrats are trying to find more ways of doing more by taking more. [Before all of you start sending rapid fire e-mails to me with copy-paste jobs from the WebPages of Dave Matthew or Barbara Streisand about how I’m being partisan and such… back off. This morning I’m pissed off at both parties. On this Rainy morning I hate everyone equally and your special interest groups is no exception.] My last notion of naiveté was snuffed out with this entertaining display of hip-hop and politicians trying to talk “street”… Keeping it real with out being too old school.

Last nights debate was about two issues, trashing the current president and laying out a clear road map towards handouts and social engineering. Trashing the current president Tuesday night made me realize that politics have digressed so badly in the past few years or it’s been this bad and I’m just noticing. It’s just as charming and as mature now as it was when the republicans were doing it to thrash the hillbilly lawyer from Arkansas. It shows the level of behavior that seems to be petty and foolish while making playground talk sound almost Shakespearean. It’s like when a dealer is trying to sell you a car and his only selling points are that the competition’s product sucks, something’s wrong.

These politicians need to get a clear message… bashing the other guy they running against isn’t going to get anyone very far besides alienating a large percentage of the other party, some of whom these votes they are going to need to get if they are going to get elected. If the entire message is “I’m not as bad as the other guy”, that isn’t do them any good after the first 100 days in office much less get them a first term. In this election, every candidate needs to tell us more of why we should vote for them by illustrating what they are going to do, how they are going to get the economy going if it hasn’t already done so by next November, and what are they going to do to prevent another terrorist attack while securing our boarders.

A Least someone got it right ...

The Fedora Chronicles Rants - The Indy Experience AdThe impression a casual viewer would get from watching this debate is that a lot of these younger viewers need to realize that being a true democrat isn’t about handouts and what you can get from the government. The government is overly involved in our lives at is, the from what I heard by some of the questions asked the other night, “Rock the Voters” want more of Orwell’s Big Brother. One democratic president said it best in his inaugural speech “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you— ask what you can do for your country.” That doesn’t mean demanding the government’s validation of your lifestyle, that doesn’t mean look for multiple handouts whether it’s personal or corporate welfare.  It doesn’t mean bending over backwards- going into deficits by handing out foreign aid just so that other nations like us. Being a Democrat or being a Republican means that when the elections are over, we do what we can to be self-sufficient with as little government intervention as possible, or that’s what it USED to mean.

These kinds of “Entertaining” debates have no place in politics, they stand to trivialize the political process and show the world that we’re more concerned about style over substance. I doubt this type of display would fly in an earlier age, and it should be grounded in this era.

As I wrote in an earlier rant, we need to stop focusing on what makes us different and focus more on the things we have in common. 

Don’t let a little thing like Evil get in your way.

Out of the three flicks, Raiders of The Lost Ark is the best example of how someone who has every reason to quit doesn’t. Jones shows us how not to allow the small stuff get in the way or let it get us depressed.

In the beginning after the Idol was taken from Jones by Belloq and he narrowly escapes the spears of a few dozen, his first thoughts where how to get it back, selling some of the smaller (but GOOD) pieces he picked up along the way. At this point, a lesser man would have shrugged his shoulders and tried to forget about the wrong done to him. Instead, his eyes are on traveling to Marrakech before Army Intelligence got in the way with quest to find a greater prize.

Through out all of Raiders as he’s going after the Ark, Jones has a string of near misses… each one worse then the one before with the exception of when he thought Marion was killed in the truck explosion. All the while he’s blaming himself for her death, he still has to go on and finished what he started. Although it can be debated that he didn’t know or believe in the power of the Ark he continues.

After he learns that Belloq and company has a copy of the Head piece to the Staff of Ra… he continues.

After the Ark was stolen from him after he recovered it (again… a reoccurring theme in his life – Belloq is there at the right moment to take everything from him at the last possible second) Jones was locked in the Well of The Souls. He manages to escape and sets off to take it back. After a narrow escape like that anyone would be hard-pressed to not quit… yet he continues.

After a chase through the desert, getting shot in the arm and getting dragged by a truck and gets the ark back… Belloq steals it again. With the back-and-forth action of the Ark, it would be enough to make anyone take a cocktail of Bromide, Prozac and Zanax. Jones never lets the situation get him down. When the Ark finally gets in the hands of the governments “Top Men”, there’s little more he can do but call the Bureaucratic fools what they are and he’s left to move on with his life. He doesn’t dwell on what happens… he just goes off with his College-Sweetheart for “a drink”.

Jones teaches us never to quit or dwell on how bad things are. He keeps going. It’s a lesson we need to learn, because the stakes are too high to quit. Jones never quit… he never got depressed, and neither should you. “Movie Soundtrack” The Vote or “Raiders of The Lost Constituency”

On second thought, maybe we could have special debates for these politicians, which could be held by the Paramount Television network in conduction with Turner Classic Movies. Lets see which of these candidates are real men and woman in the case of Carol Braun. Take these candidates to an open set had have each one duke-it-out with oversized German mechanics while there are multiple propellers, rock crushers and antique tanks serving as pitfalls.

Maybe they could just fight each other at the edge of a cliff so we could see who could really take a punch and give one back. Whoever’s left standing gets to move on to the next stage of the election, extra Electoral College votes if you keep your hat on.

Best yet, we could hide campaign contributions in a network of caves and underground tunnels and the keys to the traps would be answering questions about history and the Constitution.

CBS could hold an abbreviated version of Survivor in a sewer with rats and floating feces. With the way many of these politicians of both sides of the isle act… you would think they would feel right at home.

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