By Eric 'Renderking' Fisk - August 23th, 2003

All the leaves are brown, and the skies are Gray Davis.

Word from the wise is that August isn’t just the dog days of summer, it’s also the slowest news cycle of the year. Because of that, it’s a bad time to sweep anything under the rug… news organizations desperate for some hot news story would go into a feeding frenzy like sharks on a wounded baby seal over anything that might resemble a story. Which explains why the California Recall is getting so much national news coverage. It also explains why networks like CNN and Fox News was covering the Black Out from last week as if it’s someone spotted a quartet of mystical horses riding toward us from the horizon.

For those who aren’t paying attention because you actually HAVE a life and you’re out enjoying the summer, California is having a recall, removing it’s current Governor, Gray Davis. What’s even more amazing is that the California voters might actually replace Davis with an action hero/former body-builder. There are many reasons why the California voters are doing this, namely that during his reelection last year he underplayed the troubles the state’s economy was in, was unable or unwilling to handle the state’s energy crisis… in short the recall means Davis is being fired for incompetence.

Stepped into the church of the Holy VRWC.

Leftists would like everyone to believe in the classic excuse that this is another “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” against an elected democrat, but what they won’t tell you is that almost half people who signed the petition for the recall were democrats. If this is a “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy”, (VRWC) then why are so many democrats running on the other part of the re-call ballot AGAINST Davis?

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Also, many leftists are saying that conservatives are trying to undermine “yet another election”. These are also the same people who are too busy reading the labels of their “Soy Granola bagel chips” and yet don’t see the warning signs that their children are on drugs. They’re also the same people who will tell you that our current President “Stole” the 2000 election, but fail to remember that Al Gore himself was extolling the virtues of the “Electoral College” before he lost by it.

What a lot of these people forget to tell their public that this “recall” isn’t a prank, it’s not a part of some Right Wing parlor trick to “undo a previous election”. A recall is legal and it’s a part of the state of California’s constitution, a stopgap measure in the event that a governor would ruin the state before the current four-year term was up. Recall is an awesome idea, an idea that I wish the state of Massachusetts could have employed during the Jane Swift administration as Governor… who was a republican (by name only). And I wonder how many of these leftists would be complaining about the “Rule of Law” and “Undermining an election” if it was a Republican who was on the verge of recall.

A winter’s day for career politicians and bureaucrats.

The rest of the country is watching the California recall of Governor Davis because the notion that professional politicians and bureaucrats are getting dragged out of office sounds pretty good. It’s a sure sign that citizens are taking back their governments… you know the one that’s supposed to be “Of the People and for the people”? It’s a nail in the coffin against the pessimist who thinks the common man can’t do any good. United, common men can do amazing things. And, it’s the political equivalent of “Man bites dog”, the politician is getting screwed by the citizens for a change.

AS for the circus mentality of this recall, it’s to be expected. It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone with a dying television or movie career to revive their “celebrity” and get their faces back into the spot light one more time. Heck, if there was a recall in New Hampshire, even I might add my name to the ballot and campaign under the slogan: “Return to the era of ‘RUGGED INDIVIDUALISM’.”

The sun is about to set on traditional politicians as the world it revolves around it is becoming more polarized. The issues are no longer “Democrat” versus “Republican” any more, it’s an issue of the elitists verses common-sense Americans.

The only hope is that this would be a return of political business from the Golden Era, where men like the Roosevelt’s and Harry S. Truman can once again be celebrated. If anything, this could also be a warning sign for the Governor of Wyoming: Keep up the good work or another actor (and part time pilot) who’s a resident of your state might actually have his sights on your job, too.