The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show 91

This time on The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show and Dieselpunk Podcast - Daisy O'Dare, John Pyka, Larry Amyett and Eric Renderking Fisk talk about Star Trek, Star Wars, Canceled Dieselpunk TV shows, Toxic Fans, and Tin Can Tommies...

... This episode was recorded just before the power went out in my neighborhood and we were unable to properly sign off. If the episode ends too abruptly, we apologize in advance.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy the show.

About Tin Can Tommies

A reluctant young hero haunted by the ghosts of his past. A team of mechanical warriors resurrected for one last stand. A tyrannical dictator hell-bent on exploiting the atom… br June 1940. As Blitzkrieg burns through Europe, Corporal Jack Stone escapes Dunkirk by the skin of his teeth leaving Germany with its prize in sight across the English Channel: Great Britain – a stubborn little island that now stands alone. br Recruited by Winston Churchill to lead a team of robot commandos – veteran machines of the Great War nicknamed the Tin Can Tommies – Jack must venture into battle once again on an audacious mission deep behind enemy lines. But with dissention in the ranks, a traitor in their midst and Jack’s nemesis hot on his heels, the odds are stacked against them. br Whatever happens, the Tommies will be in the thick of it – but as time runs out Jack will find himself in a deadly battle for survival as he confronts not only the shadows of his past, but an enemy whose insidious plan for world domination threatens the freedom of mankind itself. br Echoing the great British war films of the seventies, DARKEST HOUR is the first in a series of gripping wartime adventures featuring Jack Stone and the Tin Can Tommies – with explosive action, twists, thrills and a cast of compelling characters – this is dieselpunk military sci-fi with a pulp comic WW2 twist! br TIN CAN TOMMIES – BRITANNIA JUST BROKE OUT THE BIG GUNS!

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