Reclaiming Parkland: Tom Hanks, Vincent Bugliosi, and the JFK Assassination in the New Hollywood

By James DiEugenio | Reviewed by Eric Renderking Fisk | September 2018

Let me concede here that this is a long review about a book about another really long book. This is a review of "Reclaiming Parkland..." by James DiEugenio, which is a critical analysis of "Reclaiming History..." by Vincent Bugliosi. Let me also confess that I also get a bit repetitive in trying to illustrate James DiEugenio's points on how repetitive Vincent Bugliosi is in his book. Sometimes it's hard to keep some of this straight for me, I can't imagine how hard it might be for some of you to follow along, too.

This is one of the first rants in a while that I broke up into three parts, I could have deleted some things but I didn't. I could haven't shortened it and condensed it but many of the most important facts that are critical to the Warren Report critics arguments needed to be left in since I will be referencing this specific review in some of my other reviews such as "The Last Word" by Mark Lane and "The Last Investigation" by Gaeton Fonzi.

There is a lot of "baggage to unpack" in all of this, by reviewing a book that's a review of another book and trying to understand why it's important. It's also terrifying getting into the mindset of someone who believes something not because it's true, but for Vincent Bugliosi it's true because he has to cling to The Warren Report to preserve or even rescue of a life-long legacy. There are also other people out there who believe the lie because the truth is so damn frightening.

In part, I don't blame them. I wish I could believe the simple lie, too.

With that said, Mr. Lane, Mr. Fonzi, and James DiEugenio know how to write good books on the topic of the controversy surrounding the Kennedy Assination, Vincent Bugliosi doesn’t.

Mr. DiEugenio admits that there are some inconvenient facts in regards to our belief that there was a conspiracy and tackles those issues head-on while Mr. Bugliosi either ignored facts and testimony that refutes his beliefs or resorted to personal attacks and belittles those people who don’t believe The Warren Report.

Because they said so... An example of Authoritarian Circular Logic.

Vincent Bugliosi is the ultimate All-American fatherly authority figure who wrote a book that defenders of The "Lone Gunman" Theory cling to; "Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy" back on May 15, 2007. in this book, the author explains that you believe in The Warren Report because that’s what a good American does! Throughout his crusade as a debunker of JFK Conspiracy Theory he makes leaps of circular logic that since The Warren Report found Lee Harvey Oswald guilty, he must be – and since we know that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman, all the claims that he had accomplices and there was more than one shooter are merely ridiculous. Because The Warren Report said so, that’s why!

According to Bugliosi, we must believe The Warren Report because all of these proud American Institutions in journalism do, like the editorial board of The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune… and so on. And how do we know they all believe The Warren Report? Because I say they do, because I’m Vincent Bugliosi… the man who put Charlie Manson away in that famous “Helter Skelter” case! That’s why!

It’s that approach that Mr. Bugliosi used in the mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald that aired on British Television years ago, and his approach to his book for the ages: “Reclaiming History…” where he spends about 1648 pages [Not including the endnotes on the companion disk] defending The Warren Report by using The Warren Report and his own legacy as one of the great prosecutors of all time. He must be correct about Oswald being the lone gunman or apparently, everything else he's accomplished in his life will unravel.

These are perhaps the first of many flaws James DiEugenio documents in "Reclaiming Parkland." There have been many authors who have written books on the JFK Assassination of JFK since 2007 and have addressed many of the issues with Bugliosi's book, but DiEugenio is the first to my knowledge that devoted an entire book on "Reclaiming History," the author's bias, circular logic, , and mistakes.

Bugliosi's World: Only Cowards, Liars, and Profiteers Criticize The Warren Report!

James DiEugenio also sites the countless examples of the ridiculous claims Bugliosi against Commision Critics. Using "Bugliosi Logic;" Why do we know that author Mark Lane of such books as “Rush To Judgement” and “The Last Word” is such a liar? BECAUSE THE WARREN REPORT CAN’T BE WRONG!

Seriously, that's the basis of Mr. Bugiosi's thesis, The Warren Report cannot be wrong. It just simply can't!

As Bugliosi insists Mr. Lane is a publicity hound, and attacks The Warren Report for fame and fortune, because we know that he wrote his books because he was a sensationalist and loved to sign autographs for conspiracy theory groupies at conspiracy theorists conventions!

How do we know this, not because there is any evidence of this but because Mr. Bugliosi simply believes it’s true. There’s no other explanation, according to him; the mere fact that he’s the self-proclaimed authority on debunking JFK Assassination conspiracy theories and theorists, that his claims about Mr. Lane must be true regardless of the fact that there is no evidence that supports his accusations against Mr. Lane. Fans of Bugliosi then believe it's true and repeat what he says, because if Bugliosi wrote and said it, it has to be right.

If it's confusing for you to try to understand this circular logic, just imagine how hard it was for me to write all this in an effort to explain it. It's impossible to not sound repetitive. I digress...

If it’s not Mr. Lane that’s such a liar, then it’s whoever else Mr. Bugliosi was writing about in any specific passage of his book is too, for the same exact reasons. Take any other person who disagrees and debunks the assumptions made by The Warren Report, Mr. Bugliosi attacks and insults personally, if Mr. Bugliosi got his hands on The Fedora Chronicles, I’m sure I would also be called another “god damn liar!” by him, too.

Another point of Bugliosi's, all Conspiracy Theorists must also be anarchists or they’re doing it only for the money! Why else would they want to undo the hard work of this country’s finest institutions and whither away other citizens trust? Using "Bugliosi Circular Logic" tell us so.

Since Vincent Bugliosi spends paragraphs or pages personally attacking other books on this topic and their authors, James DiEugenio takes on the task of defending them and explaining why Mr. Bugiosi is wrong. Using Mark Lane as an example again, James DiEugenio sites how Mr. Lane was able to go about arriving at his conclusions while all the research Mr. Bugiosi has ever done is merely gather text from The Warren Report and divines it to be factual like the Oracle at Delphi. Bugliosi's "issues" with modern technology is also a running theme that Mr. DiEugenio tries to explain.

Continuted in part two...