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“The Pyramids and the Pentagon: The Government's Top Secret Pursuit of Mystical Relics, Ancient Astronauts, and Lost Civilizations” by Nick Redfern.

There is no other book that I know of that should be on everyone’s book shelf. If you’re a regular reader of The Fedora Chronicles or a listener of The Metaphysical Connection podcast, this is the perfect companion book for all of you. If you are a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ then your house isn’t a home until you have one of these on your bookshelf after you’ve read it time and again. If you’re a mere human being and you know the government lies about many different topics and need something to pass along to someone who believes “they lie for a good reason…” then this should be in your arsenal.

This isn’t the most concise book on the topic of paranormal activity, ancient artifacts and government conspiracies, and it wasn’t meant to be one. This is the best sampler of all of them, the Readers Digest of all the best topics on the subject with just enough to get you interested in each of the topics and then it’s up to you to get more information.

The one thread that remains consistent through this book is the notion that the United States Government via many different organizations have in its possession many artifacts that disprove much of what we consider the current paradigm, specifically objects that prove that human civilization is far more complex and interesting than we’re led to believe and it’s not linear. We are neither the first nor the most advanced civilization that’s risen here on planet Earth, we are merely the most recent.

In this book Mr. Redfern chronicles more than a dozen examples of the government confiscating objects that prove events that were depicted in religious texts occurred but also prove that these events didn’t happen the way they were reported. Many of what’s in the secret government archives contradicts “conventional wisdom” about such things as Noah’s Ark, it was not merely a big boat created to save some life before the great flood from Genesis. It’s more than that.

Of course, Nick Redfern also explains why our government has such fascination with artifacts like the most famous pyramids in Egypt (and countless others found all over the globe) and mystical relics as the title suggests, and gives the reader countless of reasons why should be a little creeped out by some of our government officials who were – and still are – just as obsessed with these relics as Hitler was before the beginning of the Second World War.

"The Pyramids and The Pentagon" takes us on a journey that spans several hundreds of thousands of years, taking us from many various parts of the world and on several locations on Mars to discuss the similarities between The Cydonia Valley and Great Pyramid of Giza. during this trip, Mr. Redfern lays waste to all the skeptic’s arguments but also asks some deeply troubling questions that will keep you up many nights if understand what he wrote in this book…

… Maybe there’s a good reason why “they” are hiding some facts from us because the facts are just too horrible to know. But those facts are also just too horrible to keep to themselves if we want to avoid the catastrophic mistakes made in the distant past. Nick Redfern also makes a compelling case that many aspects of the paranormal that don’t seem to have any connection to each other are in fact interconnected and serve as a map that either predicts our own downfall or a way for our species to survive but only if we want to listen to what’s being said by those who came before us.

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