“Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the Government's Biggest Cover-up
(Revised and Expanded Edition)”

by Thomas J. Carey, Donald R. Schmitt, George Noory,
With a forward by Edgar Mitchell.

If I were to partake in the dumb gimmick of summarizing a book or film in one sentence, all I would have to say about “Witness To Roswell” is that all the experts in the field of “UFOlogy” agree that this is the definitive book on the subject. If that doesn’t suit you, then how about this; “There're a lot of death threats going around for just another downed weather balloon…”

Good night, thanks for reading folks – tune in next time when I publish my review for “Fist Full Of Nothing!”

Why is this book the best book on the subject of Roswell? It’s deeply detailed in the research in every aspect of this event. This is the most absolute and detailed book that covers all of the five W’s and H of journalism – Who, what, where, when, why and how, and does so in a professional manner . This book also contains many facts and figures that haven’t been as heavily investigated or detailed elsewhere; there are some aspects to The Roswell Incident that you won’t find anywhere else.

As you would expect from a book of this kind – chronicling a supernatural or paranormal event – it also serves as a catalog of the witnesses who were willing to defy the government and tell their version of what happened. The backgrounds of the people who came forward are rich in detail to add credibility to their stories; this is who this person was at the time, their position on the base or their job in town, and what exactly they saw.

In regards to the actual accident, this is where the story seems more grounded if you can pardon the pun. This wasn’t some happy-go-lucky Sci-Fi drama written and directed by Steven Spielberg, nor some alien apocalypse helmed by Roland Emmerich. From what the witnesses described, this wasn’t some wonderful happenstance where we meet our beloved space brothers and deliver them to a destination out in the woods or desert where they could be brought home by another waiting starship. What actually happened was more “grounded” and tragic. Without the “visitors from another world,” this wouldn’t be too different than a passenger jet crash out in sand dunes and masa’s of New Mexico.

There are segments of the book that might be repetitive and couldn’t be tolerated in a work of fiction, but in this situation, the pattern is established that something specific happened that can’t be denied or debunked. Countless people reported that something was indeed found out in the dessert and they either had a hand in gathering up the debris or bodies or were a part of the cover-up.

If it weren’t the witnesses themselves who gave up the goods, it was the relatives of these people who shared the stories of deathbed confessions about their part of the Roswell incident. All the stories from the witnesses are similar, the vast majority of the reports support each other and there are very few conflicting anecdotes.

Right away the people who found the debris field knew this was something unusual and wasn't normal. The men had already seen dozens of weather balloons over the past couple of years and each rancher had gathered them all since the animals they were herding had a tendency to eat parts of them and die.

Since the debris of a fallen weather balloon wasn’t such a big deal in the past, why the millitary's keen interest in this one? According to eyewitnesses, falling weather balloons from the nearby Army/Air Force base was a regular occurrence and the military couldn’t be bothered with the sheer numbers of them all. If this balloon wasn’t any different than the ones in the past that were recovered by civilians, so why did the military put on such a show with a short parade via a truck convoy which had a flatbed ‘low-boy’ truck with something large hidden under the canvas?

As this book reiterates there was a stream of threats by high-ranking military officers and higher-level ‘top men’ from the government while military personnel and civilians were taking part of the in the recovery of whatever was out in the desert. If you were in the military you were reminded of your secrecy oath followed by the threat; “… If you forget your oath, we’ll kill you and your family.” If you were a civilian selling metal, refrigerated caskets to the military, you were reminded that the government has ways of knowing if you’ve told anyone about this and “… if you forget that, we’ll kill you and your family!”

“Witness To Roswell” becomes a story of how concepts like “Civil Liberties” and “The Bill Of Rights” ceased to exist the minute this incident began. In a case of national emergency you’re not an American anymore with inalienable rights, you’re disposable if you ever speak out of turn or step out of line! To keep things silent, American authority figures become exactly the thing we’re supposed to be against and laws only exist while the establishment sees fit.

Carey, Schmitt, Noory takes their time to debunk some of the many different "official stories" the government passed off . One of them is that the debris being nothing more than a device used to monitor Russian atomic tests; “Project Mogul” for short. Allegedly "Mogul" was used to find either radioactivity or sound waves from Russia's own atomic test, but who knows what it's real mission was because they kept changing it's mission profile.

Couple that of the other military members who continued to have careers after the fiasco at Roswell such as Major Jesse Marcel who is in one of the most famous pictures in UFOlogy. Maj. Jesse A. Marcel, 509th bomb group intelligence officer is the man seen holding debris that’s clearly not from an alien spacecraft. If he was such an idiot and couldn’t tell the difference between air balloon pieces and flying saucer parts and his proclamation that he had evidence of an alien spacecraft’s crash in the desert and thus embarrassed himself and his base with false and outrageous claims, then explain how he was continued to be trusted and his career was essentially unaffected by his blunder? Too many officers have been “retired” or mustered out for less. Major Marcel was later promoted and was still trusted by the military while handling material and information pertaining to atomic secrets later in his career. Major Marcel remained in Army Intelligence until the end of his career.

Not that means anything… I mean, he did mistake a deflated balloon for a broken down saucer and reported it to the local paper. I mean, come on… the 509th air group is the same unit that deployed the two atomic weapons on enemy soil, what’s the worst that could happen if a total loon was still working there and was actually promoted later in his career? Not like those secrets meant anything to anyone after the end of World War 2 and this lunatic could be easily fooled into believing anything. Wow, is this military man gullible. </sarcasm>

Remember; Marcel was ordered to take The Top Secret Balloon pieces from the Roswell Army Air Field to Eighth Air Force headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. Not to sound like a broken record, but if these were mere balloon pieces then why the rush to get them to the commanding base that the 509th was attached to?

During the past couple of decades, The United States government officials also had a rough time keeping its story straight about what was actually found out in the desert.

It’s a weather balloon! No, it’s a device monitoring the Soviets atomic program! No… it’s a device testing high altitude exposure to wooden test dummies… yea! That’s the ticket. Those weren’t dead aliens they found, they were the top halves of wooden dummies because we couldn’t squeeze them into the small pods we built for the tests… yea! That’s it. That’s the ticket!

Signed, General Tommy Flanagan, Joint Chief of Staff Of The PLA (Pathological Liars Anonymous - Pentagon Branch)

Why are “they” trying to keep concocting different versions of the “official” story and fabricating new evidence? Why not give people a straight answer and stick to it, or answer the questions period? The people who were responsible for the Roswell Cover-up denied answers to questions put to them by the heads of other agencies like the NSA, FBI, Congress, and even Presidents. That raises the question, who is really in charge of The United States? The same establishment that makes something like a democracy a mere concept and not an actual practice.

The entire point of a book review for any publication – including this one – is to share just enough to prove that I read the damn thing while enticing you to buy a copy and read it yourself. The reviewer is not supposed to give everything away and spoil it, so trust me when I say that I just scratch the surface of this book’s theme and content. By the end of this book, even though it’s the most detailed book on the subject, I wanted more.

I wanted nothing more than to fly or drive to New Mexico myself and go poking around in all the areas depicted in this book. I want to stand where the two debris fields were; I want to walk the same streets where the people of Roswell walked and visit every damn location possible. And yes, since the 509th base has been decommissioned it’s now available for tours. [What I want to know is… are some of those buildings for sale? Cause I would really love to run our southwest office for paranormal investigations out of there…]

That’s what all great books on this subject do, when you’re finished you want to do something on the subject yourself, and get your hands dirty and do something about it. “Witness To Roswell” might be the final word on the subject for the time being, but it also asks more questions than it answers. It’s the definitive book and a platform for those of us who want to go to the next step.

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Illistration based off of witness testimony by John MacNeill.

The location of one of the crash sites, now a tourist attraction.