Someone Is Hiding Something: What Happened to
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

By Richard Belzer, George Noory, and David Wayne, Reviewed by Eric Renderking Fisk
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My wife travels a lot for business, and there are times I’m really worried about what might happen while she’s flying. Thanks to my over-active imagination I usually don’t get a second’s rest until I know that she’s arrived safely.

There are also a lot of news items, books, movies, and other media that don’t make things easier for me. Images of September 11th, 2001 haunt almost everyone who either travels via air or the loved ones of people who do, too. Sometimes, the look of relief on people’s faces is incredible, as if there’s an unspoken gasp from people holding their breath the whole time before exhaling a somber ‘we made it!’

Then, much to our horror, there’s something new to consider while flying. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on March 8th, 2014 – the plane simply vanished en route from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, to Beijing Capital International Airport in China.

No debris, no floating wreckage, no signals from the airplane, no radar information… nothing. The Boeing 777-200ER (ER stands for ‘Extended Range’) was simply in the air one second, and then literally nowhere the next…

What happened, where did it go? And how come we can’t find something as large as this airplane with all the advanced surveillance technology on the ground and in space, with GPS Tracking devices. This is the most sophisticated passenger airline with triple redundancy in all of its safety features from devices that constantly broadcast its location to electrical systems. The only way something like this could disappear is if someone – or a group – made a conscious effort to make that happen.

And if that happened, could there also be a cover-up of some kind? Hence the title of this book; someone Is hiding something…

The authors of this book Richard Belzer, George Noory, and David Wayne take great efforts to break this news item down and evaluated all the of the specific aspects of this horrific event and explains that this wasn’t a horrible accident and how some networks (CNN) are complicit with the cover-up. This book is divided up into several parts with a few chapters devoted to the specifics.

Part One: Thanks to this book, I know more than I ever thought was possible about the actual plane itself and what makes the Boeing 777 unique with it’s overwhelming number of independent and redundant safety features… making it impossible for the jet to simply catch fire and explode and vanishing off the face of the planet.
Part Two: Then the book covers the passengers and some mysterious aspects, like the two men who were from Iran with phony passports. The conclusion the authors come up with has more to do with two people fleeing the country rather than trying to commit an act of state-sponsored terrorism…

… Which leads us to other passengers on the flight. Twenty of them were from a company called Freescale Semiconductor which allegedly developed several devices that could revolutionize the computer industry (CPU, GPU, RAM, BIOS, and clock all on one chip). Another development of theirs is for military espionage, a device that makes airplanes vanish by means of electronic surveillance. Once this device is turned on, all the broadcasting done by the aircraft to let the rest of the world know where it is (via the aforementioned triple-redundant safety features) simply ‘turn off’ one by one…

Part Three: …To the authors of this book, that’s the smoking gun and the motive for the plane’s disappearance. Because of this, we know how and why the plane vanished with one magic silver bullet. The book then divulges the conspiracy theories surrounding who could have been responsible for this by looking into the shareholders of the company and which of them would best benefit from the technology actually being able to work and simultaneously who would benefit most if the developers of this device disappeared.

Who has the power to make a plane disappear, hide the plane, benefit financially from the plane missing and the loss of those engineers, and coheres the media (specifically CNN) to tell the story the way they want it to told, and get agencies within several governments around the globe to do their bidding?

The end of this book is a summation of all the great conspiracy theories under the umbrella of this news event. Furthermore, this book documents how this missing airliner fits in with a greater narrative that began with the formation of the Federal Reserve, the assignation of JFK, and 9/11/2001, all these events are more acts of treason not just against the United States but civilization as a whole.

To what purpose, what’s the point of doing all this? Not to give it all away, but the authors deliver a believable theory (within the context of this book, at least) that this is all about control. The disappearance of this jet liner is about controlling the progress of technology and sending out the message; ‘we can do this, and there’s nothing to stop it.’

The final message and conclusions of this book is disturbed if we take it as truth. It’s a horrific notion that someone could do something so horrible for their own gain and the people who are supposed to looking out for us are the very same people who are in on it, the willing accomplices of ‘the shadow people’ pulling the strings behind the curtain.

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