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Streets of Cairo (Roads Of Egypt, too)

Blackthorn AvatarA few months ago my wife and I took a trip to Egypt. I was fascinated by the people on the streets, so very different from 21st century America. No great stories, here, just pictures of the folks I saw. Some pictures were taken in Cairo, some in Edfu from a horse cart we took a ride on, and some on the roads of Egypt as we traveled.

This was actually on a street in Cairo:


In the foreground is my wife, but I actually was trying to get a pic of the woman behind her, in the green head dress, who figured out what I was doing and hid her face so I couldn't get a good shot. Muslim women don't usually want their pictures taken. This was in the Coptic area of Cairo:

These girls were coming out of a mosque:

It's not unusual to see camels or mules in Cairo, even today with so many modern changes:

I've seen water buffalo in Cambodia and Vietnam, but I never expected to see one in Egypt:

I'm always fascinated by the women who keep their faces covered. Here are two goat herders:

Random Scenes

We originally went to Egypt to see the pyramids and the fantastic cities of Luxor, Edfu and Philae, but in the end the most interesting sights we saw were the people, the descendants of those who built the ancient wonders.

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