The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show 88 - Aethertopia

Anthony Sakovich from Aethertopia joins Eric Renderking Fisk to talk about conventions, from the past, present, and future. All coming up next on The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show Number 88.

What is Aethertopia?

In the year 1895, I had the incredibly good fortune to stumble upon a crashed airship! On board was a small group of intrepid adventurers who had mastered Time Travel! Using their knowledge, I was able to construct a time travel device of sufficient power and proportions that I was capable of transporting an entire city… through time itself!

Aethertopia is that city. Within its borders you will find the Seven Maker Guild Districts, each dedicated to a different skill of Steampunk making. There are HattersExplorersStory TellersInventorsSeamstersArtists, and even Assassins! And the beautiful part is you, a person of your time, can join a Guild by submitting their own creations to become part of the show!

Aethertopia is like no other event ever held in the Steampunk universe. In addition to presentations by artists, musicians, writers and actors of all kinds, you will also have the opportunity to attend symposiums and workshops to help you advance your own creative endeavors as a Steampunk maker! This event is highly interactive, with everyone in attendance being a part of the atmosphere and experience. 

Omega Contingent

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