The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show 86 - John Paul Catton, Tales From Beyond Tommorow, and Excalibur Books

June 27th, 2018 | John Paul Catton joins Eric Renderking Fisk to talk about writing dieselpunk fiction, the retrofuturists mandate, and more. All on Episode 86 of The Fedora Chronicles Radio Show.

John Paul Catton John is a British writer based in Tokyo, and also lecturer in Media Studies and Communications at the Kanda Institute, Tokyo. He is the author of the YA Urban Fantasy trilogy “Sword, Mirror, Jewel” trilogy and its companion volume, “The Unofficial Guide to Japanese Mythology”. He also writes in the rather perplexing sub-genres of Retrofuture and New Pulp, with “Moonlight, Murder & Machinery”, a literary mash-up of Frankenstein, Jane Austen and the X-Men, and the Retrofuture short story collection series “Tales From Beyond Tomorrow”. Connect with him through this blog and the following social media links...
Facebook Author Page | Twitter: @jpcatton | Instagram

About Excalibur Books

Excalibur Books is an independent publishing house based in Tokyo, Japan, publishing Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy. A lot of what we publish is fiction set in Japan or has themes of Japanese mythology, legends and folklore, but we cover other times and places as well in our fiction and non-fiction. We have twelve titles in print (both ebooks and paperbacks) at this time of writing.

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