"Gay Marriage: An Attempt To Destroy The Family?"

 Luis Muņoz - July 26th, 2005


The family is an institution that has been the same for centuries, from Roman Times the family was understood as a father, a mother, their children and their belongings, this of course did not mean that there was not homosexual activity, as it as been proved there was several times, but I will not go into this.

This new gay marriage is nothing more than an attempt of governments to show how tolerant they are, without having in mind the opinion of society, as it has not been put to referendum.

The meaning of society is being played with, it is much more than just changing the meaning of a word, is destroying one of the most honorable, ancient and most respected institutions that we have in our actual times. Speaking of this change of meaning, I must explain that there are three ways to define a word, the first way is the most used and it basically consists of using the basic, and typical use of that word and putting it in the dictionary, the second way is to use such a concrete, and concise definition that most of the uses of that word will be lost, the third and last way is to use a very general definition, so general that it will actually lose its own meaning, and almost everything can fit to that meaning. This last case is exactly what will happen to the word Family, as anything will be able to be considered family as the meaning is already broken.

Now besides the meaning there are other reasons why this should not have been approved, governments of several countries state that they are giving rights to people who did not have them before in order to have a more equal society, well what can I say, that is wrong, as we are taking rights from the kids that they will be able to adopt, the right to have a mother and a father. There is no way an homosexual couple can give the same education, or rise a kid in the same environment an heterosexual couple would. This does not mean at all the children would not be loved or anything, as I am sure he or she would, but some fields of his or her education would be left aside, as we have seen that each parent educates his children in some way the parent from the opposite sex does not.

The next problem that I have felt society has, is that they are mistaken thinking that it is better for the kid to live with an homosexual couple than in an orphanage, true but that is not the choice the kid has to do, as adopting a kid is a very complex process, it takes time, and adoption offices are full every day of couples anxious to give that education and love to that kid that does not have parents. We have come to a point where actually there are more families awaiting to get a children than children that able to be adopted.

To finish with I would like to point out how different the life of the kid will be, as it is not just adjusting society, with things like making teachers showing kids that family can also consist of two dads, which will be hard to achieve to be honest, but how will kids react, it is true that it will come a time in which children will accept this and will see it as a normal thing, but until that happens, just for the caprice of a very small minority, lots of children will be laughed at for having two dads, the kid will have comprehension problems too as he will not be able to understand why does he have two dads instead of a mom and a dad just like the rest of the kids do. He or she will also feel an empty space inside him or herself for the missing parental side.

In conclusion this gay marriage that has already been approved in 4 countries including Canada, or Spain (In which was denied by the senate and approved by the congress by a small lead) will not get us nowhere, except for destroying a millenary institution which is sacred for many of us, removing rights from children, and from functionaries which are forced to marry homosexuals even if this goes against his beliefs in countries like Spain, because I must remind you this has not been approved by any religion, now I ask you how can this not affect our society?

Luis Muņoz is a college student in Spain, and currently studying law.


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