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Around The World In 54 and 1/2 Days - "This is the story of an adventure. A journey around the world. A journey of the mind, the heart, and me: Craig Whitton."

"The Excesses of Prohibition Chicago"  by Aaron Sharp ("Paden" on our forum...) with Photos By Jonathan Pokay - Mr. Sharp shares with The Fedora Chronicles his essay written for college about our favorite period in history in one of our favorite cities!

Raymond Chu (Ghos7A55assin) Shares with us pictures of his visit to New Zealand and Australia of Bags-End... Where the scenes were filmed for Peter Jackson's "Lord O The Rings" Hobbit Village.

Finding The Fedora Bar - "During Prohibition, the restaurant (known as Charlie’s Garden) was run as a law-abiding operation. However, as was the case with many “legitimate” businesses during that time, they also ran a speakeasy in the back of the building, complete with passwords and a hidden door."

Florida Art Deco - Timothy J. Steiner shares with us his trip to a place where time stood still for the benifit for retrocentrics like us...

"Meeting Steven Spielberg," By: Elodie Cinquanta - (AKA: Elodie Jones) "On Wednesday June 27, 2007, three international fans (Elodie Jones from Switzerland, her friend Fred China from France, and Aaron Wilkinson from New Zealand) left for New Haven, CT. to fulfill their biggest dream. This dream was to see Indiana Jones IV in production at Yale University and to meet the director of the film, Steven Spielberg. - On Monday June 2, that dream became a reality!

Portsmouth 2008 - Eric Renderking Fisk spends a night out with Indy Portsmouth Pub Crawlers one night in January 2008

The Treasure Of The Lost Time Capsule - Carolina Quirk shares with us the story about his family's time capsule hidden underneath their out-door brick fireplace.

Conventions, Summits And Events

History of IndyGear by Mike French - Michael French's  history of "IndyGear", a website and organization that's partly responsible for bringing fedora's and the Spirit of Adventure back into the Mainstream of Popular Culture, inspired by the Indiana Jones movies.

Joe's Stock - Boston Crew Summit | February 2004 - Tribute Page dedicated to the night when some members of The Boston Crew on IndyGear met at Joe's American Bar And Grill in Waltham Massachusettes.

Gettysburg Summit 2002" the web page chronicles the gathering held March 22, 2002 in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Big thanks to Pennsylvania Dan [A.K.A. Neosmatrix] who pulled this thing together. Touring the Gettysburg Memorial grounds, Drinking horrible beer at the now closed "Gettysbrew" and cracking whips with Mike Marosy, Captain D, Neosmatrix and Eric Renderking Fisk. As an added bonus this was one of the first ever IndyGear summits in the history of the oganization. Also read Behind The Code.

2005 Ottawa Summit - Written by Craig "Farnham54" Whitton - June 2005: Craig shares with us a special gathering will fellow IndyGearheads in Canada in 2005.

Saturday Night Retro: Portsmouth, NH - 2008 - A night out with Indy Portsmouth Pub Crawlers one night.

Uno's 2007.

New York Comic Con 2008

Vendor Apprecation

The Fedora Chronicles - AdventureBilt Fortune and Glory Style Fedora: The Fedora Chronicles Adventurebilt Tribute Page. The origins of Steve Delk's hobby that turned into a company that made the fedoras for "Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull."


Aviation Home Page.

Mr. Whiddon shares with us his vast knowledge of The History Of Flight. His first article is an entertaining and informative history of "Air Mail."

One Way Ticket: A Tribute To The World War II Workhorse Of The Air - The  U.S. Army Air Force’s Troop Carrier

Boeing B-29A Superfortress: "...The story of the Superfortress began on a rainy day in February of 1940, with a U.S. Army order calling for a new type of heavy bomber to supersede the Boeing B-17s and Consolidated B-24s then in service. The new design would require longer range and greater carrying capacity."

"Rainy Afternoon," Randall "AeroDillo" Whiddon has an epiphany about how one chance conversation with a veteran can turn your perspective around and causes one to focus on history that really counts. And how everyone's contribution should be remembered and celebrated.


Mars (Coming Soon)

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