Rosie O'Donnell: Cake Owner - Cake Eater

Ren's RantsApril 26th, 2007

 Let me just head some of you off at the pass - the title of this rant isn't a dig or a jab at Rosie O'Donnell's weight. It's a play on the old phrase, "Having your cake and eat it, too." Ok? So shut down Outlook and put your "I hate Renderking" stationary away. This rant is my reaction to the news that Rosie O'Donnell just quit another job because The ABC Network couldn't reach a contract agreement: ""This has been an amazing experience, and one I wouldn't have traded for the world. ...but my needs for the future just didn't dovetail with what ABC was able to offer me." (Excerpt from the story on the ABC News web site, trimmed to spare you from the pain and suffering...)

Rosie gets high profile jobs where she gets to spout off about how much she hates the United States, Traditionalism, Faith and Values... gets paid very well, and gets to leave for extended "vacations" (in other words, quit her job to do nothing) and then get picked up again by another studio or network... only to start the cycle over again. Hence, she's having her cake and eating it, too.

This is a continuation of the last few rants I've wrote that continues on the theme of we're all just one career ending comment away from oblivion and some people are with-in protected groups and CAN AND DO get away with saying anything. I'm very conscious of the fact that we're now living in a world that's over sensitive and will take people's remarks too hard to heart and can ruin other peoples lives for it... and then do the same thing and cry like sore losers when THEY get called out. An off color remark that's meant to be funny because it's true can ruin the lives of those who don't belong to a protected minority. If you're an Anglo-Saxon/Caucasian hetrosexual male, you're living on the bubble... under a microscope or magnifying glass... in a fish bowl. And you have a swarm of people who are hovering over you bubble with a pin just waiting to pop it.

For example - there's going to be a legion of people who are going to be all upset because I'm an in-shape happily married (being happy and monogamous in this day and age is a crime, don't you know...) mixed breed white guy being critical of a slightly over-weight outspoken lesbian. When ever people are critical of Rosie O'Donnell, the usual battle cry is "Oh, you must have a problem with fat dykes!" No... you're the one with the problem because you call over-weight lesbians "Fat Dykes." Not me. My criticism of Rosie has nothing to do with what goes into her mouth, it's the words that come out of it.

Folks can't be critical of someone like Rosie and not be accused of being homophobic or anti-"gravity challenged." Unless of course you're a Real Estate Billionaire with your own reaity show... then you're just a pig. Well, according to Rosie, that's what Donald Trump is. And sadly... this is AFTER she attended Mr. Trump's third wedding.

Rosie can trash anyone and get applauded for it, then get paid for it... simply because she belongs to a "special interest group." I would like to tell my kids that "Hate is hate" regardless of who says it. Sorry, boys... ABC and the special interests made Daddy a liar, again. If a white heterosexual male said and did what Rosie does on "The View" and in Special Appearances... he would be picking up bottles along the side of the road in Nevada for 10 cents a pound (last time I checked... Nevada doesn't have a bottle deposit/return program.)

My criticism of Ms. O'Donnell's has nothing to do with her sexuality or her weight. I think it's great that she has someone special in her life - man or a woman - who love her regardless (or because) of her weight and status. Don't we all wish we were that lucky, and were smart enough to appreciate what we have when we have it. Love is a wonderful and mysterious thing... enjoy it while you have it and work hard at keeping it. Enough said?

My criticism towards Rosie isn't even criticism towards her, since she and I see eye-to-eye on a handful of issues. First and foremost, people need to be left alone and folks who have issues with someone else's life style choices need to get lives of their own. Second, she and I agree that our society is becoming more like the one depicted in George Orwell's "Animal Farm" and "1984," but we disagree on who the culprits are. I'm a responsible conservationist, she's a Environmentalist wacko who practices the Kennedy-Hypocrisy of "Do as I say, not as I do," but there's some common ground between us.

Let's face a harsh fact and reality, Rosie isn't all that funny (she used to be brilliant on VH1's "Stand-Up Spotlight") she isn't all that intelligent or even all that talented. How can I say that? Just read her "R-Blog" as evidence.

I'm not the best speller, I don't use the best grammar and sometimes my punctuation needs a little work (this website wouldn't exist if it wasn't for spell-check and a few members of our staff that goes over almost everything before it goes up...) With rare exceptions, I'm the last person in the world to criticize other peoples use of language or to take someone to task for butchering it. You have to be pretty bad for me to do challenge your writing.

Rosie O'Donnell's IS that bad. I would say that her command of the written English language is so bad she qualifies for being just a hair's breath above being a functional illiterate. It's a mystery to me how she could ever get a job in the media or be as successful as she's been up till now. She can't spell (with out the use the constant clicking of "F7") and as far as the use of simple punctuation... there isn't any! As far as I can tell... there isn't a period, comma, exclamation point or question mark anywhere. Reading her blog is like reading a text message from a 7 year old. (My apologies to all literate 7 year olds who know how to write correctly.)

As an aside... I have a huge pet-peeve. I have a prejudice towards people who are bad writers because they don't even try that hard. You don't try that hard to put the effort into what you write that's in the public domain, I can't work up the effort not to prejudge you. You're an idiot... there's all there is to say. It's not just Rosie. With that said...

As for the actual content, Rosie makes leaps of logic though Non sequiturs and over-reliance in whacked out conspiracy theories (just because another writer or web master doesn't like someone she also doesn't like - like George W. Bush... Rosie accepts of faith that this person is credible despite the fact that this other person's "facts" have been disprove. Never let the facts get in the way of her opinion when her mind is already made up..) Rosie will believe in ANYTHING you tell her or reads else-where on line as long as it jives with her original world view.

All of Rosie's comments and final conclusions is base solely on her emotions and emotional reactions to issues... since I started reading her blog when the Miss USA/Donald Trump controversy began, I've never read an opinion of hers that wasn't based on actual facts. It's all about what she feels at the moment.

It's a mystery to me how she's able to continue working in an industry that's very competitive and takes some sophistication and intelligence to survive. Hollywood and the entertainment industry isn't for stupid lazy people (unless you're running on pure looks and your body type match's the Industry's Flavor Of The Month, and you WANT to be exploited.) Stupid, lazy people don't survive in an world where studio executives are constantly on the look-out for the freshest faces only to exploit them. To survive in the entertainment business, you have to be smart, creative, take advantage of opportunities as they come and not take your situation for granted.

What's my point in all of this? My criticism is towards the establishment that allows her to continue to have a career while other hard working people with more talent are under-utilized. This coming May and June there will be literally thousands of graduates from Media Communication Studies. The market will be flooded again with very talented and very professional students who will know how to construct complete and intelligent sentences, who know how to behave and carry themselves on stage, in the spotlight and elsewhere in the public domain.

Some of those people are also members of The Fedora Chronicles Forum and staff here. All of them, whether or not they're our "Retro-Cousins" or not, deserve at least once chance of being media personalities.

Rosie O'Donnell has quit three jobs that I know of. She's quit three jobs (one was her own successful day-time television show) and there's now word that she might show up again in the Autumn of 2008 with another day-time television talk show. With all these factors in play - nobody is able to explain to me in a convincing way how someone like Rosie O'Donnell is allowed or able to maintain a career in media or the entertainment industry. Why does Don Imus get the boot after a comment he made, while she gets to grab her crotch during an awards show and yell "Eat Me" to Donald Trump and is allowed to keep finding work even AFTER she quits.

When they have such a huge talent pool to select from, how come they deep going back to Rosie? Don't other performers deserve the same chances? Aren't there other people who have worked harder deserve a shot?

I defy anyone who can explain to me how this is allowed to continue on with her career based on what I just wrote and other issues not mentioned here. Fill me (and the rest of The Fedora Chronicles Community) on how this is able to go on.

If any of you know Rosie, or you are "Ms. O'D" her self... I would like to know what her/your response is. Drop Me A Line!

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