John Edwards Caught Cheating?

Ren's RantsOctober 11th, 2007

 I'm doing pretty good for myself this month. Last week I broke my arm by patting myself in the back for being a better parent then Britney Spears, ["Brit-Brit Kids shipped Fed-Ex."] and now I get to get the other one out of joint by doing the same over the fact that I'm a better husband then John Edwards!

Maybe I should rethink this Fedora Chronicles gig, and just start my own Third Party. Now... what would I all this? How about The Traditionalist Party? I'm really liking the sound of that! (I have to be careful with my faux-bravado and self-styled self promotion as being a moral authority, it might give my detractors an added incentive to try and bring this site down.)

Granted, I'm going on the assumption that the story is true, This National Enquirer article about the alleged affair between John Edwards and a Campaign worker. The fact that it The National Enquirer that's the first to report this news item with the publication's dubious reputation and stature for being a top-notch gossip rag should have me concerned and worried to an extent, I don't want to hang too much credibility on this, knowing that it'll either be debunked, denied or buried by the Main Stream Media.

But I'm having flashbacks to the 1980's when a scandal ruined the political career and Presidential Campaign of Gary Hart. [As a quick aside, I did a Google Searches for "John Edwards Cheating" and John Edwards Affair" and only got a couple of links to other sites that have either reported on this story... doing a search of "Gary Hart" netted several pages of commentary about the John Edwards story... So I'm not the first to make the "Hart/Edwards" connection.] And, if memory serves... The National Enquirer introduced Monica Lewinski to the world and helped to make a Blue Dress from The Gap Famous. And Gennifer Flowers... It wouldn't be the first time The National Enquirer broke a true story about a sex scandal that involved a Presidential Candidate.

Maybe I should use this more as a hypothetical scenario - hypothetically speaking... what if the story is right? What does this mean for John Edwards? Obviously, if this does turn out to be true... it's most likely that his political career is over, and so is his marriage.

His Political Career over laps with his now apparently failed marriage - can you vote for a guy who cheats on his wife? If he'll cheat on his wife and betray the one person he's supposed to devote the rest of his life to... what's to say he wouldn't betray a few hundred million strangers who live in the country he's the President of?

This is a guy who talks about there being two America's - those who say they do the right thing but are out for themselves, and those who actually do the right thing. He's noted for saying that there are those who do as they please, make the rules and tell people to do as they say and not as they do, and those who carry the burden of doing the right thing, make sacrifice while carry the burden for the rest of society. Now... which of the "Two America's" does John Edwards belong to?

And through out the years, John Edwards has this sanctimonious smirk, as if he's in on an Insiders Joke. Looking back, I now think what rubbed me the wrong way about his attitude is how he's the stereotypical politician who most of us love to hate... giving speeches full of cliché's, using a demeaning tone as if he's talking down to everyone while shouting over the microphone and sound-system and everything he's said is a contrived lie. Now we at least know what he was smirking about what what he thought he was getting away with.

On the issue of just his marriage? Imagine what Elisabeth Edwards must be facing right now. She has inoperable cancer, which started in her breasts, then moved to her lung and now her hip. While "it's not curable, it's treatable," she may only have a few months or just a few years to live. She's dedicating the rest of her life into putting her husband in the White House. She's working long hours, doing ads on TV and The Radio for his behalf ... maybe even shorting her days to accomplish something that might simply be impossible. And now this. What few good years she has left were going to getting the man elected to The Presidency of The United States, who defiled her marriage and cheated on her during her greatest hour of need. Imagine the sense of betrayal, unimaginable to most of us.

Again... if John Edwards would do this to his wife during this period of their lives during this health crisis, and that's his wife... what's to say he wouldn't do the same or worse to a few hundred strangers here in The United States? When and if this turns out to be true, it's over for John Edwards...

The Fedora Chronicles Versus The Main Stream Media...

It's been 23 hours since I started this rant... and I just did a quick check around the major news outlets and found something that was disturbing. None of the major news outlets reported this story as it was first presented, "The National Enquirer alleges that..." What the news media did, and maybe this is more "responsible" on their part - they waited for John Edwards to make a denial and then report on that: "BREAKING NEWS: John Edwards denies affair with campaign worker," (Los Angeles Times, CA...) It seems awfully nice of them, isn't that? To allow the Edwards Team to put their own spin on the story before reporting on it. Would they have done this if Edwards had an (R) at the end of his name? (Remember Larry Craig, Mark Foley, David Vitter, and their media firestorms?)

Coincidently, Yesterday was The Fedora Chronicles Official Third Year Anniversary. I was reminded of this fact when Doug "Webhead73" Pollumbo called me at the crack of dawn. I was reminded of one of the biggest stories in the news at the time when The FC went on-line - Dan Rather lied about the authenticity of some documents that were supposed to prove George W. Bush didn't fulfill his obligations to the National Guard a few decades ago.  The documents turned out to be forged, phonies... fakes created on someone's computer, and even when it became public knowledge that Dan Rather's evidence was faulty, he continued on a head with his investigation that was meant to prove that George W. Bush wasn't the man he said he was. Dan Rather was using bogus information, twisted it for political propaganda as a means of changing the outcome of an election - which I hear is illegal - and he got a pass. He was fired and his reputation has been forever tarnished and changed... but  has yet to permanently lose his freedom and liberty for his actions. Journalistic Malpractice isn't what it used to be...

There were those media outlets that ran with this story a if it were true - Bush lied about his service in The National Guard - but where were the retractions when the truth about the documents came out?

The media should be hammering away at both parties with the same intense scrutiny, not pick sides or over-report some stories and under-report others. That's just common sense. But from even the casual observer can tell you, the news media isn't about reporting the news any more, the goal now is to alter perceptions and entice people to think, act and eventually vote in ways that will benefit their favorite partisans and party, just as William Randolph Hurst did with his publications during the first half of the 20th Century.  The results of Hurst's actions were disastrous for our nation, and I shutter to think what's going to happen if someone else is elected with out the media doing their job and reporting on every aspect of every character that's running for office. That's not something they should leave to unprofessional and bloggers.

If the media isn't going to hammer John Edwards for this affair until they relearn the fact Sex Sells Newspapers, then maybe they'll start going through the closets of the other candidates to see if one of them or their teams leaked this information. Would you really want to elect a candidate who would use private information and a crisis in someone else's marriage for their own personal gain?

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