A Prize For A Nobel President?

Eric Renderking Fisk - October 12th, 2009  Bookmark and Share

The Fedora Chronicles: Ren's Rants - October 2009A lot of people had asked me this weekend what I thought about President Barack Obama winning The Nobel Peace Prize. One of my wifeís co-workers called her up and asked her if Iím going to publish something on this site. A lot of people have been waiting patiently, just knowing this is going to be a great rant before I even started it.

The mere fact that people are waiting for this rant is going to effect itís outcome. It better be really good and not disappoint people! I better knock this one out of the park! Just as Iím sure people are wondering if this honor is going to effect the way Obama is going try and run the country and if he's going to earn this medal.

Flashback To Last Friday Morning ...

When I heard that he had won The Nobel Prize, the first thought that popped into my mind is that I needed some more coffee. I had laid down on the couch in my office and shut my eyes while the coffee was brewing. I was drinking some cold stuff that was made the Thursday afternoon and the microwave hardly took the October room temperature chill out of it. Doug was on the phone and asked me if I had heard, and what did I think.

Little did he know, he was the first one who told me. I thought I must have been dreaming. Thatís been happening a lot recently, Iíve been having dreams that seem just as real to me as the keys underneath my fingers.

In my under-caffeinated state all I could think about was how the committee that granted him with this high honor was trying to influence the next election. Why else would they have nominated him so soon after his swearing in. Thatís when the process begins, in February of every year. He was only in office for how long? How many weeks? And they gave him the Nobel Nomination?

For what, can I ask? What exactly did he do in a few short weeks? Or did they give it to him for his speeches during the Presidential campaign? Or as someone said on our forum, was he granted this honor for simply not being George Dubya Bush?

What I also said is that I think itís way too premature to give it to a guy who hasnít even been in office for the whole year. Iím not alone in asking if this is a little early. The rest of his term in office will seem anti-climactic. What else could be done that could top this? Besides winning another term, maybe? And that brings be back to my original thought Ė that this seemed to me to be an early attempt at swaying the election.

The Fedora Chronicles Nobel PrizeIíll be blunt. I really donít care what awards our President wins from any international committee, I couldnít care less if this cat gets The Nobel Prize. Who cares if they want to throw a piece of metal at this guy, so long as it isnít a small capsule of lead traveling close to the speed of sound. If this will help our ďInternational Reputation,Ē then fine. If this huge gold coin hanging from his neck will give him the clout he needs to get people moving on putting the breaks on evil regimes like the ones currently in Iran and Venezuela, then it's great.

It just seem to me that these people are setting themselves up for a huge embarrassment in the near future. What if heís not the man of peace he says he is and theyíve given him this award prematurely. What if Obama decides to escalate the situation in Afghanistan or starts a war with Iran over UN Weapons inspectors not getting full access to the second Uranium enrichment facility? [Iím getting a weird feeling of Dťjŗ Vu here...] What if his critics and conspiracy theorists were right about him, and some Saturday Night in the future heís having cocktails with Weather Underground front-man William Ayers, the two decide this is the weekend we start atomic Armageddon with the former Soviet Union just because they can.

Realistically, what if the President of The United States who just won the Nobel Peace Prize has to respond to a terrorist threat with violence? Is this guy going to have second thoughts about what he has to do every time he looks at this medal thatís proudly sitting on his desk or in a frame-box on the wall or fire-place mantle?

Youíre now a Nobel Laureate, for peace. Thatís not something one can easily suspend in one's mind, that kind of thing that sticks with you. Unless youíre someone like Yasser Arafat. Name someone else since the end of World War II that worked harder to prevent world peace. If anything, he tried his best to start World War III in his own basement, incited riots and encouraged everyone to choose sides in his Anti-Zionist quest. Here's a guy who pushed to extinguish a group of people and continue Hitler's work in genocide. How did THAT guy get The Nobel Prize? While answering that, remember all the things he did (or was accused of doing) after becoming a Nobel Laureate. Giving such a ďpeace prizeĒ to someone whoís dedicated his life to hate or giving it to someone who hasnít done much yet seems to cheapen the honor, and not in a minor superficial way.

As a brief aside, didnít they Inconveniently give the same award to someone with a really good Power-Point presentation?

I half expect to see one in my mail box any year now for the times Iíve suggested that all of us who share a common interest should get along better. Quick, nominate me for the next round before they come to their senses!

I would like to see the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences take an approach like this, letís hand out awards to people BEFORE they make film. Letís give George Lucas and Steven Speilberg an Oscar for Best Picture even before they start filming the next sequel to the Indiana Jones series and see if itís more acceptable to die-hard fanatics and casual fans alike. Letís just pluck some kid out of film school and give him a lifetime achievement award and see what he or she will do with that kind of pressure. Will they succeed, or just kick back and coast since they already WON the award with no incentive.

The Fedora Chronicles: Obama GrinningAs if Barack Obama didnít have enough to worry about; unemployment, a slow economic recovery, atomic-saber rattling in other countries, budget-busting stimulus packages, floundering auto-sales after ďcash-for-clunkersĒ and bank bail-outs. Now he has the pressure of being a ďNobel LaureateĒ and now he really has to earn it. Is it just me, or does he look as if itís more hassle than itís worth? For this past weekend and the weeks to come, winning this award for nebulous reasons has done more harm then good. Itís only served as a distraction from the issues he has to deal with now.

After spending some time getting ready to write this rant, I found out that Iím not alone nor the first to publish the opinion that this isnít really a cause of celebration. Itís the Nobel Prize Committee trying to influence American politics. Itís their way of putting their thumb on Lady Libertyís scales of justice. I also think that this just feeds into the notion that some people have, that this President is just an empty suit who knows how to give a good speech, and that heís a pawn of the international community. This plays right into the hands of isolationists and detractors while giving something his supporters can't easily excuse.

Oslow, Norway is suffering from mass premature adulation. Hopefully under The Health Care Reform Act we can get another pill that will take care of that.  Bookmark and Share