Do you really want to attack your opponent with words and terminology that reminds everyone else about the character flaws that your candidate has?

Hillary, Barack... And The Judas Factor

March 25th, 2008 - By Eric 'Renderking' Fisk

Ren's RantsIn trying to keep up with my New Years Resolution of writing on rant a week on Social or Political Issues, I'm having a hard time just keeping up. This is an Electron Year, the worst by far for Democratic Voters since Senator Edward Kennedy challenged  incumbent Jimmy Carter for The White House.

It's easy to find material on what to write about... I could walk out side anywhere here in Southern New Hampshire and come up with 5 things to write about in less then a half an hour... and that's AFTER the states Primary that was held a few short months ago. (Only a few months ago? Geeze... it feels like that was several political life-times and a thousand news-cycles!) The real problem is choosing what to write about.

Then, like a gift from The Easter Bunny - Jimmy Carvel gives us all in the "Pajama and Fedora Journalism Pool" a little something for our collective baskets. It's a gift that will just keep on giving this week - calling Bill Richardson a "Judas" right around the time we observed the day Christ was crucified and celebrated the Resurrection... could it get any better then that?


Associated Press: Mon Mar 24, 7:51 PM ET: "No Carville apology for Judas remark."

WASHINGTON - Hillary Rodham Clinton adviser James Carville is refusing to apologize for comparing New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson to Judas.

Carville made the comparison to The New York Times after Richardson, once a member of President Clinton's Cabinet, endorsed Hillary Clinton rival Barack Obama last week for the Democratic presidential nomination. Carville called it an "act of betrayal," and pointed out that it came during Holy Week.

"Mr. Richardson's endorsement came right around the anniversary of the day when Judas sold out (Jesus) for 30 pieces of silver, so I think the timing is appropriate, if ironic," he said.

Richardson told "Fox News Sunday" that he wouldn't respond by getting "in the gutter like that."

"That's typical of many of the people around Senator Clinton," Richardson said. "They think they have a sense of entitlement to the presidency."

Carville told CNN on Monday that Richardson had committed an "egregious act" and he intended to make a sharp response to it.

"I wanted to use a very strong metaphor to make my point," Carville said. "I doubt if Governor Richardson and I will be particularly close in the future."

Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson told reporters Monday that he didn't agree with Carville's comment.

"If I had said it, I would apologize," Wolfson said. "I did not say it, and if I had I would, but that's up to him."

Richardson served as ambassador to the United Nations and energy secretary during the Clinton administration.



That's For The Reminder...

Until recently - Jim Carvel has been blissfully absent from the campaign trail. Since his return in the past couple of weeks since Hillary failed to clinch the party's nomination during the last round of Primaries, he's become a painful reminder of what the country experienced during The Clinton Years: The Politics Of Personal Destruction.

Politics has always been petty, contentious and painful because the nature of getting elected means that you have to balance proving to the voters that you're the best man for the job while proving that your rival is not. But it's worse when you get into PERSONAL attacks. James Carville was the attack-dog for the Clintons during his campaign against George H. W. Bush in 1992, and they was Bill Clinton's loudest defender through out every scandal and every salacious rumor about Bill Clinton that made it's way thought he sausage-factory that is the Main Stream media. Every time someone leveled a charge against Bill Clinton - James "Ragin' Cajun" Carville would go on the Sunday Morning Talk Show circuit and demand that everyone see Clinton's critics as: "Paid Operatives of The Republican Party." That's a charge he leveled against Matt Drudge time and again... ignoring the fact that Mr. Drudge has been relentless in outing Republican's as well as Democrats for their personal problems and scandals.

"Ragin' Cajun" would attack Clinton Critics using the "By Any Means Necessary" tactic - attacking people's appetence, education and intelligence. Paula Jones was denounced by Carville as "Trailer Park Trash," Katherine Willie was a "pathological liar," and Gennifer Flowers was a "Political Groupie..."

His most "substantive" argument against Rush Limbaugh was... of course... his weight. Until of course Mr. Limbaugh lost most of it and became consumed with an addiction to prescription pain medication... but never on the substance of Limbaugh's charges, just saying that he was "just plain wrong..."

So, it should be no surprise to anyone who's followed the news for more then 15 years that James Carville attacks Bill Richardson by calling him a Judas. This recent outburst from Mr. Carville is giving us all News-Junkies flashbacks and could very well serve as a reminder of what we endured during the 8 years of rumors, crack-pot Conspiracy Theories, and less then subtle innuendo... Spring renews the eternal hope of salvation to those who believe - Carville's words serve as a catalyst for renewed anticipation on the part of conservatives everywhere that divine providence will cast down The Clintons off of the high pedestal they placed themselves on and into the searing lake of fire that is public opinion.

The Timing couldn't be any more perfect or beautiful for those who really desire to see The Clinton's downfall, and this is more of a gift to John McCain then anyone else. "Just keep fighting among yourselves, Democrats... just keep fighting!" A divided political party this late in the game almost insures a win for the other side.


What Bill Richardson Knows...

Mr. Richardson has been privy to a lot of what goes on behind the closed doors of The Clinton Political War Room since he was actually IN the Clinton's inner-sanctum during his Administration. He helped The Clinton's out when Monica Lewinski needed a job (and a place to hide) during the Impeachment/Sex Scandal, served in several cabinet positions during The Clinton Administration and even watched the Super Bowl with Mr. Clinton this January. You could say they might be close friends...

The Question is pretty obvious: Why would Bill Richardson switch allegiances and endorse a relative new-comer and challenger to Hillary's crown? The Answer: He knows them, and he knows the American People.

The Clintons play by a different set of rules then the rest of as, as demonstrated by the attack-dog politics of their apologists such as the aforementioned Carville and Paul Begala. Bill Richardson knows why former advisors and staff members like Dick Morris, Robert B. Reich, and George Stephanopolus have left The Clinton Camp, kept their distances from the Clinton's and written tell-all books then each making a mint off of being political commentators for news networks.

Bill Richardson knows that what The Clinton's are trying to do is circumvent the spirit and the meaning of the 22nd Amendment - a provision that prevents any one person from occupying the White House for more then two terms.

He also knows that The Clinton's do and say what's politically expedient - Hillary voted for the war in Iraq when it suited her, and then said she voted for it because she was lied to when it was to her advantage to be against the war... obviously proving that she can't do the due diligence that it takes to be a Senator much less being a President and needs a man to do her thinking for her - like "Bubba" and "Dubya." To rephrase: Bill Richardson knows that you can't claim to be for something like a war and be proud to cast a vote to end tyranny in Iraq just like what her husband tried to do when he was in The White House but couldn't with out being called out for "wagging the dog" - and then say she was against the war but voted for it because she was lied to by George W. Bush. Bill Richardson knows like many of us that you can't blame someone else because you didn't do you job like "fact checking," - no doubt Bill Richardson has listened to many of the audio clips that's been played on the Talk-Shows where Hillary flip-flopped on issues much like Mitt Romney had been accused of. [Flip-Flopping is going to be a major tool in McCain's arsenal again if Hillary wins the party nod...]

Bill Richardson knows that when people start to throw around Biblical References while talking about politics and The Clintons, Christian Fundamentalists and Evangelicals will equate Bill Clinton with "Satan" or "The Anti-Christ." Whether it's fair or not - many American's who believe in the God of The Bible believe that Bill Clinton is "An Anti-Christ" - that might not be a fair or even rational point of view. But it's a simple fact that there are those who consider Bill Clinton as "Evil" and won't vote for him nor his wife. Case-in-point would be the last minute pardons Bill Clinton gave in exchange for campaign donations for his wife's senatorial run or his Library in Little Rock, Arkansas, or taking credit for the Dot-Com boom of the 1990's but forgets the Dot-Com crash in March of 2000.

Bill Richardson knows about the crazies out there that published the "Friends Of Bill" list that made the rounds of the internet that details how people who have worked with The Clinton's have turned up dead - or worse - inedited, convicted and sentenced. Governor Richardson knows that there was a very loud chorus on the internet that made claims about "X-File" type of conspiracies and secret deals with The Illuminati and The Word Trade Organization...

No doubt Bill Richardson doesn't believe in what's been said by the Conservative Bloggers - religious, athirst, and agnostic alike... but he knows that if Hillary gets the nod everything that's been forgiven, forgotten or misplaced since the minute Dubya Bush took the oath of office will be drudged back up and brought back to the surface. It's not hard to imagine that after Hillary's honeymoon with the press and the congress is over and The First 100 Days are used up someone from The Republican Side of the Isle will call for an independent counsel to look into the deaths of Ron Brown and Vince Foster and restart with The Whitewater Investigation. That is, if she even gets that far.

... Has anyone else given any other thoughts into the Rose Law Firm Billing Records yet? Who wants to guess which news organization has been holding on to an expose on that issue for the past 7-plus years and would like to publish it?

Bill Richardson knows that if Hillary is given the party nomination or is even elected - all the alleged scandals that died back in January 2001 will be resurrected like Christ - Inauguration Day in January 2008 will be Easter Sunday for the Anti-Clinton camp and former political hacks with an ax to grind and money to make. Bill Clinton's loudest segregate tossing Biblical References just make these analogies worse.


The Worship of False Idol's, And The Green Light.

I make no apologies for disliking Bill Clinton. I'm not a fan of his wife, either. Were I to endorse a Democrat I would give the nod to her opponent for a whole host of reasons.

Clinton wishes to return to the blissful solitude of the White House and surround himself with adoring staff members who insulate him from the harsh realities of the outside world. Just as in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, Bill Clinton looks at pictures of The White House with his arms stretched out longingly like Jay Gatsby did towards the green light at the end of  the dock across the bay as he stood on Nick Caraway's yard. Jay Gatsby wished to be closer to his true love who was married to another man - Daisy Buchanan. Bill Clinton wishes to be closer to his true love - the power and the prestige that came with being President.

I have no doubt that he wants to return to the White House, but not because of any patriotic duty, but because of what The Oval Office did for him and how it made him feel. As the President he was given the respect and the love he desired but never received as a child. [According to his own biography and other statements, he felt very neglected when he was growing up and constantly craved attention from women, which "explains" his problems with fidelity towards his wife...]

When he campaigned for his wife, he could only talk about himself... don't you want those years back? Don't you remember how wonderful The Clinton Years were? Don't you want ME back, and Hillary too as an after thought?

Because of the inconvenience that's become the 22nd Constitutional Amendment - Bill Clinton looks to return to the White House as his wife's Co-President just as she was his. Sadly, there's two other obstacles standing in his way, his wife with her bizarre blend of Machiavellian political maneuvering and her Lady Macbeth-like posturing... and Barack Obama. Recently and most specify  - Mr. Richardson's endorsement of Mr. Obama.

The Clinton's thought that Bill Richardson could be their useful idiot and grant Hillary his "Super Delegate" vote after all the "good" things they did for him. Call me crazy - but The Clinton's didn't adopt him as if he was an orphaned boy living out of a cardboard box during a rainy winter. From what I read from news stories that are on the internet, Bill Richardson actually WORKED in the positions that he held in the Clinton Cabinet and was essentially his own man with his own set of accomplishments before AND after Clinton occupied The White House. The Clinton's didn't grant him anything and I'm unaware of any life-long contractual obligations that were tied in with the appointments he was assigned to.


I don't envy Bill Richardson but I agree with what he did and understand why. He's right when he said that the United States needs new leadership - the same two families have had a choke-hold on The White House for too many years. The Bush's and The Clinton's have alternated ownership of The Oval Office since 1988 - If Hillary gets elected that'll mean that either a Clinton or a Bush has been there for 24 years after her first term, 28 years if she gets a second. If you count the years that George H.W. Bush was Vice President - that will mean that after Hillary's second term a Bush or a Clinton has been in power for 36 years. Stagnation in the Political Gene pool isn't good for any Democracy - and Dynasty is what the founding fore-fathers fought against in the late 1700's.

The notion that a Clinton Attack-Dog would resort to name calling - Richardson as "Judas" - serves as a reminder of how desperate and low they will go to get what they want. For those people, trashing an old friend is not out of the realm of possibility and certainly not out of good taste for them, either.  The Clinton's seriously believe that they own people - the fact that the Emancipation Act makes owning slaves illegal is a mere technicality. Once you're in The Clinton Mafioso You're IN The Clinton Mafioso for life.

Hopefully those others who feel "owned" by The Clintons - who are The Judas's to The American people and the Spirit of The Law - will follow Bill Richardson's lead.

 ... And in the mean time, let's hope Governor Richardson doesn't join Vince Foster, Ron Brown or The McDougall's on the "Friends Of Bill's" list when it's updated and pasted around The Internet.



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