“Biggest Losers Super Tuesday 2008”

By Eric 'Renderking' Fisk - Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Ren's RantsSports fans had their big day on Sunday with the Super Bowl. I'm not a huge football fan, I regard some games that are compulsory to watch the modern equivalent to the "Two Minute Hate." while at the same time I enjoy the national experience when we all commune together over snacks and beer as we enjoy the spectacle. It is what it is, accept it and make the most of it for one weekend afternoon.

Movie fans have their big day when the Oscars roll around. That too has become a bit too big for it's britches, nothing more then a 3 hour long Hollywood Mutual Appreciation convention where the winners don't jive with the audiences expectations or sentiment. How a Woody Allen movie that hardly anyone saw beat out a movie that people lined up for around the block and became part of our culture is beyond me.

Political Junkies got theirs, in part, yesterday. Folks who live for national politics don't get much during the non-election years unless there's a scandal that's about to rip the country apart. We get our "Super Bowls" in intervals... every 2 years or every 4 years depending on how closely you follow it.

It's a intellectual death match - beginning with debates and ending in a series of primary elections and Caucasus's that whittle down all the candidates until only one remains after the Party Conventions, which leads to a national popularity contest in the Winner Takes All nation-wide election.

The Presidential Election is literally a fight over the planet and the future, where two ideologies fight over who gets to govern the United States, and thus the Free World - what kind of country do we want this to be for the next 4 to 8 years? Do we want a "Republic" or a "Democracy?" For good or bad, the election of an American President has concequeses for all of The Earth which is something we shouldn't take lightly.

A few Americans step forward to try and fill this roll, all of them characters that could pop out of books or scripts written by Shakespeare, Nicoḷ Machiavelli and occasionally Frank Kappra. We put them through their paces, we collectively weed them out as we fight and pick on each other with in and out side or respective parties, and then we pick on them and the job they do once they get elected. It's a wonderfully dysfunctional way to pick a leader, entertainment for civics nuts, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

... Although, my son asked why don't we allow them to build killer robots and have them fight it out in the desert, and the last once standing signifies who should run the world.

Yesterday the nation had it's first real big "Robot Fight" since the single state melodrama's of Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, Nevada, Maine, Wyoming and South Carolina... (forgive me if I missed anyone...) and the question isn't about who the big winners are, the question is: Who are the losers?


Number 3: Mitt Romney

When Mitt lost the endorsement of The Boston Herald to John McCain, his up-hill battle changed upwards in pitch by a few grades and degrees. That wasn't the least of his problems.

Mr. Romney did in Massachusetts what his rival John McCain claims to have done in Washington D.C. - he remained a conservative while reaching across the political isle to get some things done in his state. He also has a great resume and he's the American Success story, to a point.

Mr. Romney reminds me of The Beatle song: "Can't Buy Me Love," since he's spending much of his own fortune on getting elected, and can't get the job done so far. He can't get the message out about who he is and what he stands for and won't go as negative as his rivals. Instead, by de-facto he's allowing his rivals define him as a flip-flopper on some issues. His inability to win more states yesterday might be is swan song tomorrow. 


Number 2: The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is split down the middle, almost evenly. It's divided between young women and older women, The Generation X'ers and The Baby Boomers. It's divided between the classes. It's obviously a very fractured party, almost to the point where it's schizophrenic. A house divided can't stand, can it?

This inability to pick a front runner at this point in time isn't doing anything to win over the most powerful political group in The United States: The Undecided - also known as the "Swing Voters." They need to see The Democrats as an united front against their vials, The Republicans. They aren't seeing that, they're seeing two candidates who should be on common ground on some issues, but are instead being very annoyed with each other while straining too hard to be cordial.

It's so easy to see that Mr. Obama and Hillary hate each other, and that might alienate the Swing Voters.

I wouldn't want to be an Undecided voter and look at what's happening in the DNC who isn't united by what they're for, rather who they're against. Fence-sitters love a clear winner or at least someone who's out in front and leading the race. A fight for the nomination on the Convention floor this spring will actually push Undecided towards the GOP.

I see another fiasco that occurred during the 1968 convention in Chicago. And on that note, too - I might have to also lump The Undecided's as some of the big losers of Super Tuesday.


Number 1: Hillary Clinton

How can you go from being 24 points ahead in all the polls, to coming in a virtual tie with your rival that not too many people knew of a few years ago? Nobody outside of Illinois knew who Barack Obama was until he gave a speech at the party's convention 4 years ago, and now this guy is taking away all of her steam despite the internet rumors and innuendo against him.

Imagine if she had some real competition from someone with greater name recognition then Mr. Obama, like Al Gore?

Hillary's tie almost eclipses John Kerry's loss to George W. Bush 4 years ago. John Kerry had it all going for him, George W. Bush suffered with his job approval ratings, we're in an unpopular war with an economy that's not doing so well because the rising cost of energy, and people were paying a lot of money to see a movie about what a scoundrel his rival is, and John Kerry STILL lost...

... Hillary's life revolves around someday being the President, not because she's the right person for the job but because "It's a woman's turn." We need to elect Hillary to make up for all the wrongs done for women over the ages. That's a lousy reason why, and maybe someone else will bring up the question: should repeal the 19th Amendment if that's the ONLY reason why women are voting for Hillary? I wonder what Susan B. Anthony would say about this situation.

Yesterday, women all across the country yelled in unison: "Not so fast, sister - you're not entitled to my vote just because we're of the same gender." And they did so for the right reasons.

Hillary's campaign isn't so much about how she's the right person for the right job, it's more about here being the smartest person in every room she enters and she's frustrated because we're too stupid to see that. Hillary's been the presumptive, inevitable nominee for so long since she had a "front row seat to history." Don't you all understand?!?

She's contradictory, you should vote for her because she's the wife of a former President and his partner - thus hoping to ride her husband's coat-tales. But you should vote for her because she's a strong, smart woman that can do this on her own. Hillary Is Ready?

Bill made it worse by talking more about himself in the speeches he made while campaigning for her, as if to say "don't worry, I'll be there to catch her if she falls."

There's her campaign slogan: Hillary Is Ready? That implies acknowledgement of doubt.

Hillary's inability to wrap the nomination up early on Super Tuesday and knock out her last rival is a bad sign. What does it look like to you: Barack Obama is gaining momentum, or Hillary is losing it? And which perception is worse?


What's Ahead For Who's Behind?


First: My predictions about Mr. Obama are pretty easy, for him to win this he just has to keep doing what he's doing and not change his strategy too much. As soon as he "goes after" Hillary, raises his voice to her... then she'll get the pity vote. He has to watch his tone and demeanor. I hate to say this, but the more he treats her like the fragile flower that she behaves sometimes, the more his chances are that he'll win.

For Hillary to pick up momentum and win the party nomination, she needs to prove she's a genuine person who actually cares about the issues. The woman comes off as fake and calculating and she's a lightning rod for Conservative Criticism. Many claim that her behavior is condescending, cold and calculating - she has to find a way to counter that: be a strong woman with out being a bitch. That might not be fair or even true, but that's a real perception people have about her.

Mitt Romney will start going after Mr. McCain as soon as this afternoon with negative campaign ads. He should focus more on using Mr. McCain's votes and statements against him, with out coming off as if he's dogging a national hero and veteran into a dirt fight.

If you love dirty politics and seeing the worst come of the best people politics has to offer, then you're REALLY going to love the next few months. This is when candidates will get desperate to take the lead, or take drastic measures like releasing a bombshell about a rival.

I think something dreadful is going to happen with in the next few weeks that'll make one of the four candidates drop out of the race. Stay Tuned.



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