New York Comic Con
Jacob Javits Center, New York City

Review by Doug Palumbo - "Webhead73" February 6-8, 2009

Let me get this out of the way; the Lucasfilm presentation, Star Wars Decade: Where Were You in '99? was less than spectacular. It was billed as having some "…famous – maybe infamous guests…" with the famous guests being the folks behind the film Fanboys. Their part was actually entertaining and hearing them talk and watching their film clip made me want to pay to see the movie. As for other famous or infamous guests, there were none.

There was a brief video clip from Seth Green and Matthew Senreich of Robot Chicken fame, some footage of Star Wars fans at different events from about 1999, and a mediocre sneak peak of upcoming episodes of the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV show on Cartoon Network. Also, the group in attendance (which was respectable in size but far from the full house as I expected) got to pick an "extra" for the upcoming DVD release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 1. The response to these scenes was lackluster and not really worth voting on. For all the pumping up from Steve Sansweet and blasting audio of the video presentations, I left with the feeling that maybe I should have just spent that time walking the dealer floor instead.

Now, on to the show…


This was, by far, the best time I ever had at a convention of this kind. I have been to bigger shows (Comic-Con International: San Diego) and smaller shows (Wizard World Philadelphia) and I had a good time at each of them but this was different. I don’t know if it was the break in the weather on the day of the show or meeting some of my childhood heroes (William Katt and Robert Culp from The Greatest American Hero) or seeing all of the wonderful items on display and for sale…all I know is that I had a really good time.

The event organizers for the New York Comic Con do a bang-up job in making sure all aspects of the event run as smoothly as possible. From the coat check area (Yeah! If you read my BACC article, you know how much I like coat check) where the ladies were fast and efficient to the volunteers on the show floor that kept everything clean and orderly, they make perusing the dealer isles easy and carefree.

This show also seemed to have a higher caliber of vendors and craftsmen. There were, of course, comics from all ages, action figures from original Mego to modern Mattel, and the requisite Star Trek/Wars aficionados. Along with the convention staple, there were leather goods (corsets, gauntlets, flask holders, etc.), high end custom figures, art dealers where you could buy original comic art, retro posters and signs, video gaming, card gaming, a booth where you could buy theatrical contact lenses (cat’s eye, Sith, happy face, zombie, etc.), classic horror items, swords, knives, shurikens, old time radio broadcasts (Radio Spirits had a booth), artist supplies, hard to find movies and classic TV shows, prop replicating, anime, manga, and various other artists, displays, and showcases.

Also, what convention would be complete without cosplayers and costumers. I saw everything from Princess Peach to a 12 foot Incredible Hulk. I love going to the shows and seeing the amount of effort people put into their costumes. I also love going to the shows and seeing how little effort people put into their costumes, although I think this is done on purpose for the comedic effect…sometimes. Either way, this facet of the fandom goes out of their way to let you know which characters they love.

Don’t forget the slew of celebrities who come to these shows. A lot of them are industry types (writers, artists, directors, publishers, etc.) but there are also other names you might recognize like Lou Ferrigno, Michael Uslan, Bill Plympton, Marina Sirtis, Sean Patrick Flanery, and the aforementioned William Katt and Robert Culp just to name a few.




I only attended the show on Saturday which is usually enough for me, but it wasn’t this time. There was so much to see and do that I know I missed out on a lot of panels, signings, and Hollywood exclusives. On one of my many trips through the dealer floor, I saw the booth for Radio Spirits. I wanted a collection of Lone Ranger radio programs but did not want to buy it then as it was still early and I didn’t want to lug it around. I promised myself that near the end of the day, I would return and pick up the set. Well, I never found the booth again because the floor was so damn big and packed full of interesting things to see and do that I got easily distracted…and lost.

Next year, I want to do a whole weekend where a group of us goes to the show on Saturday, spends the day, then goes out at night to enjoy a cool jazz club or retro joint somewhere in New York City. We can stay at some nearby hotel (if our group is big enough we might get a discount or we can cut costs and share rooms) then get up on Sunday to lazily walk the dealer floor more (where I guarantee you will see something you missed the day before) and attend a few panels. A show of this caliber really does need more than one day so you can enjoy and experience all it has to offer.

Let’s make a concerted effort to go as a group next year and make The Fedora Chronicles presence known! See you then!

New York Comic Con - Jacob Javits Center, New York City - October 8-10, 2010




Skatoon Productions

Rob Reilly is a Self-published comic artist. Creator of Convention Confessional, recently finishing his Viper Comics debut graphic "Imaginary Friends: SFU". In addition, has illustrated pin-ups for various projects, some for Image Comics. Recently completing working on a new Viper Comics title and developing projects with Chris Moreno, Steven Walters, Sean McManus, Mike Oeming & Taki Soma. Rob Reilly is available for hire as a freelance cartoonist and illustrator and is seeking representation. Contact me @


12 Gage Comics: Dust

Written by mink & Paolo Parente
Art by Paolo Parente

Paolo Parente and mink have created a seamless blend of historical events and cutting edge Sci-Fi to bring you DUST--- a groundbreaking World War II adventure! 

Jump into battle as the Allies and the Sino-Soviet Union join forces to fight the evil Axis; a powerful group (Germany, Japan and Africa) whose plans to dominate the world are bolstered by their amazing weapons---built using alien technology taken from a crashed space ship. 

It’s THE DIRTY DOZEN versus robots, zombies and more! 

12 Gage Comics - Official Dust Game


Grace Lee


Christopher Jones Illustration

Chris has been working in comics professionally since 1989, penciling, inking and sometimes writing for publishers including DC, Image, Malibu, Caliber, and Sundragon Comics.

Most of Chris' work in recent years has been penciling for DC Comics, where he is a the regular penciller on The Batman Strikes, the comic based on the new Warner Brothers animated Batman series. Prior to that, he was regular contributor to Justice League Adventures. Chris has worked on a number of other JLA-related projects for DC, including stories for JLA 80-Page Giants and Secret Files, and has worked with such writers as Josh Siegal, Mark Millar, Stan Berkowitz, and Geoff Johns. His first penciling work for DC was doing fill-ins on the cult series Young Heroes in Love. Chris also provided breakdowns for the crossover event series Day of Judgement.

Chris currently holds the title as artist of the most circulated Batman and Superman comics of all time. Chris won this trivia-worthy title when he provided pencil art for installments of the mini-comics distributed with the Justice League toys in Burger King kids meals in 2003. The comics had print runs of 35 million copies.

Chris was the artist of Kolchak: Fever Pitch, an original graphic novel by mystery author Stuart M. Kaminski for Moonstone Books, based on the Kolchak: The Night Stalker TV series starring Darren McGavin. Chris was also the artist of the 3-issue comic book adaptation of the cult film Re-Animator, adapted for Eternity Comics by Steven Philip Jones.

Chris is also currently one of the trio of creators working on Dork Storm Press' Dr. Blink: Superhero Shrink, along with writer John Kovalic and colorist/letterer Melissa Kaercher.

Chris enjoys a second career as the co-founder of CONvergence, a fan-run science fiction convention held the first full weekend of each July in Minneapolis, MN. Chris also sits on the Board of Directors of its non-profit parent organization MISFITS, which organizes events year-round. You can learn more about CONvergence.

Chris has invited to speak about comics and comic book artwork at several comic conventions and library workshops in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and San Diego. Chris currently resides in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, where he is surrounded by talented friends who seduce him into more projects he doesn't have time for.

Christopher Jones Illustration


Scott Eder Gallery
18 bridge st 2-i
brooklyn NY 11201

Scott Eder has been selling artwork dedicated to and originating from the world of comic books for 10+ years. Artwork produced and inspired by the groundbreaking comix creators of the past and present will be exhibited with an important focus given to the distinctive voices and great diversity emanating from the alternative comix scene.

Ashley Wood Art from World War Robot  - Scott Elder's Blog


Dot's For Eyes


Blindwolf Studios started as a one person art studio in 1994. After publishing for other companies at first Franco decided to write, draw and publish his creator owned books. Franco met Art a few years later at a convention where they were seated next to each other for the weekend. From this meeting grew an idea to do a cross over book since their ideas and styles were similar. Having such a positive working experience and the same sense of humor and ideas led to becoming very good friends. They decided to go into creating, writing, drawing, and publishing their own work. From conventions and fans around the world, positive reaction has fueled the creative fires. Blindwolf Studios expanded to include more creators, artist, and inkers. Besides the creator owned work that Blindwolf produces like Patrick the WolfBoy, Weirdsville, Craybaby's, Nippy Wallaboosh, Lil Creeps, Grim Reaper, Eagle All Star and others, they also work as freelance artist on assignments from other comic book companies and are often commissioned for drawings, paintings, and graphics for companies outside of the Comic Book Industry.



Wes Craig - Illustrator working for Marvel Comics, Wildstorm Productions and DC Comics


Go Hero

Go Hero creates collectibles for kids and connoisseurs! Go Hero endeavors to re-imagine classic entertainment and lifestyle products for collectors by combining creative vision, industry knowledge, artistry, and a love for pop-culture. We want to do justice to justice doers and evoke the experiences of our collective childhoods!

Go Hero is at the forefront of the vanguard movement in designer toys and has been featured in several leading edge books, magazines, and online publications including; Sci-Fi Networks, Toy Fare, Juxtapoz, Giant Robot, Lee's Toy Review, Crown Dozen, Play Times, Super 7 Magazine, Dot Dot Dash, Full Vinyl, MTV Overground, SFX Magazine, Vinyl Pulse, Plastic and Plush, Vinyl Abuse,, Action-Figure, Japan Hero, Millionaire Playboy, AF Times, Figure King, New Type, Japan Hobby, Low Rider, Otaku USA and more! Go Hero's Mechabot won 2004 "Toy of the Year" from Action Online's Toy Toons, has a cameo in a pop music video that received national play and hit #1 on MTV, and in 2008, as well as major Hollywood film and television!

In 2008 - 2009 Go Hero has leapt forward, partnering with a production company D2D (Day2Day Trading) to develop both original properties and licensed products. Look for 1:6 Figures, Plush, Mini Figures, Apparel, Skate Decks, Art Prints, Books, Music and more Kaiju! "We try to make collectibles that are original, over the top, and accurate...not necessarily easy! The goal is to make something special...a show piece that you can see the quality from 20 feet away! And some of the pieces are so big that you have to back up to take it all in!" - Steve Forde - Owner / Designer / Nerd Extraordinaire





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