World Peace - The Ideal Utopia or The Great Satan?

"All I want is world peace"

"All we are saying, is give peace a chance"

"Peace at all cost"

We hear these statements from politicians, from Actors and Celebrities, from everyday folk, and even from some pulpits. There is a fundamental problem with the thought however.

God is not for world peace!

"How can you say that?" you may ask.

Jesus said: "Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.  For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law-a man's enemies will be the members of his own household."  -Matthew 10:34-36

That may sound contrary to Christian beliefs, but it is very simple to understand.

Jesus said those things because there can be no peace with the devil. Light and darkness cannot occupy the same space at the same time. When light turns on, the darkness retreats. In order for light to occupy the same space with the dark, it has to be turned off. Then all becomes dark.

The majority of us who have given our lives to Christ and joined the Kingdom of God have experienced this in a real way.

Your friends may want nothing to do with you, and even mock you. Your co-workers may do the same. In many cases immediate family members even reject the person who now counts themselves as part of the family of God.

God obviously does not want to break up families and create strife. He created the family unit, and the institution is a complete parallel to His Heavenly family. He knows, however, and is telling us in Matthew Chapter 10, that there can be no friendship with the world and with God at the same time. You cannot serve two masters.

It is not that God is rejecting the world, it is that the world that is rejecting God, and rejecting us as well.

God is no pacifist. He led His people, the Israelites, into battle often. At times He even instructed them to take no prisoners, and to not keep any property of the enemy either. His Will was to completely irradicate the enemy and the enemy's influence over His people. Invariably there was someone who did not obey of coarse, and kept something of the enemy that they desired. Israel never found itself free of conflict because of it.

They did not understand the implication of partaking of the enemy's life and life-style.

God is obviously not interested in destroying His own creation, but when part of that creation embraces sin and rejects Him to such a degree, it has to be destroyed or it will consume the rest. It is man's own choices that are either his salvation, or his destruction. Our will is freely given to us by God, and He does not over-ride it nor does He wish to. Taking away the free will of the people is the devil's mission.

A prime example of the enemy today, is the nation of Islam, at least in it's militant form. There can be no peace with them. In order for there to be peace with Islam, you have to become Islam.

Islam has proven that it has no desire to 'get along' with anyone else. They do not consider anyone who is not part of their religion to be even worthy of life itself, never mind coexistence. All others are infidels.

They do not even have to keep their word if it is given to an outsider. They can, and do, break their agreements with us, whether they be peace agreements, cease-fire agreements, or business agreements. It is not even considered lying or sinful for them to break their promise to anyone outside of their religion.

This is not a formula for peace, or even a possibilty of it.

Peace can only come about between nations, religions, neighbors, or anyone else, if all parties desire it. When one religion sees all others as pigs, the great Satan, infidels, sub-human, etc., then there can be no peace with them, other than to JOIN them.

Any business agreements, living agreements, or peace agreements with these particular Islamic factions, is like counting on a known thief to manage your financial affairs, or a known sexual pervert to take care of your children. To do so is very unwise, and unfortunately the consequence will be that all of us suffer, not just those who entrust them.

This certain faction of Islam has made it common knowledge that they do not consider the rest of the world to be of any value, nor do they wish to tolerate our very existence in exactly the same manner that Jews and others were subhuman to the Nazis.

The militant Islamic faction may be the minority, but it is the minority that holds the gun. The Muslims who would peacefully coexist with us are held under that same gun. When a person can truly believe that they can kill with no threat of judgment from their own system, and particularly from their own God, they will do so. It is part of the fallen human nature that needs to be controlled and kept in check, both in world political and social arenas, as well as in our own personal lives.

The peaceful Muslims are victims themselves, of those who would rule once they are in power and not being held accountable to the rest of the world.

Those militant factions are not judged from above for killing, raping, and enslaving all those who are not of them by their own religious teaching and beliefs, but are actually rewarded for doing so by God himself, at least in their perverted thinking.

Joining Islam in order to avoid war with them will only bring about the peace that Satan himself offers. NONE. It is a lie. Anyone who has lived under the Taliban rule, Saddam Hussein's rule, Iranian rule, to name just a few, can attest to that.

Women are treated like dogs with no rights. Everyone lives in absolute fear of the government and it's spies. Atrocities like gang-rape of women, and then throwing them out of 5 story windows to watch them hit the ground, are not only tolerated by the government, they are perpetrated by that same government.

Is this the kind of 'peace at any cost' we really want?

This situation is so much like Hitler and the Nazi regime all over again it is scary. Why people are so blind to it is fascinating, and terrifying.

The idea that peace can exist among wolves, is sheep being led to the slaughter.

The Nazi's were so brain-washed, they actually believed that the Jews were sub-human.

During a war-crimes trial, one Nazi was asked how he could throw babies into the air and practice shooting them before they hit the ground. His reply was "They are not human" He had no human concience left at this point. It is amazing how warped the human mind can become.

Adolph Hitler was not interested in trying to persuade the world to join him and his distorted vision. He attacked the world, and attempted force everyone under his rule and eliminated those whom he hated.

Islam is today's Nazi threat. It is not interested in peace nor any peace agreements. It wants to destroy all infidels, wipe America and Israel off the world map, and force everyone under it's 'jackboot'. Islam is openly stating this. It is no secret, nor is it mis-quoting them. It is public record.

The Iranian leader has openly stated their desire to wipe Israel and the United States from the earth with any and all means available to him, including nuclear weapons.

When will it become obvious to us? When 9-11 looks like a walk in the park? When Nuclear disaster is upon our land? When we are hiding our faces behind black veils and wishing we were never born?

A peace agreementwith them, would be peace agreement with 'The Great Satan", and is a lie from hell. There can be no peace with the devil, just as there can be no darkness where there is light. We do not desire war, but it is not our choice. 9/11 was a good indicator of who's choice this is. If we do not face the fact that evil is looming once more, we will face a terrible future.

President George Bush is a personal hero of mine. In my opinion he is the best president we have had since Abraham Lincoln.

I am sure this will get the hackles up against me and my writings, but if President Bush can perform the duty he was elected to in the face of criticism from the very people he is serving, then I can speak my heart it and let the personal consequences be damned also. I do not wish to offend anyone, nor am I accusing anyone of anything. All I am doing is pointing out the facts as I see them. It is because our forefathers faught and died for us that I can do this. I might otherwise find myself hiding behind closed doors and not daring to breathe.

Popular opinion is that our president should be concerned with the economy and civil rights, not with war, but the plain simple fact is this: the President's job is not the economy, it is not the state of the homeless, jobless, widows, orphans, etc. The president has no control whatsoever over the economy. Internal issues like homeless, jobless, orphans, the sick, and so on, is our responsibility, the people of America. It is not the President's, nor the governments. Every single private sector program that is designed to help the needy has succeeded 100 times better than any and all government regulations or programs for the same.

No, the President's job is not the economy, his job is to command the armed forces and keep our nation safe from it's enemies, both foreign and domestic.

President Bush has performed his duty in spite of opposition from all sides, and has done it admirably.

President Abraham Lincoln was very unpopular in his day, but today he is remembered as one of the greatest presidents of all time. I know that George Bush will one day be thought of in the same way. He is my definition of a true unsung hero.

The ignorance that would try to 'live and let live' along side this kind of evil, is the same ignorance that was responsible for allowing Hitler to gain power, for allowing Saddam Hussein to sit in a seat of authority, for allowing Nickolai Caicescu to rule Romania, for allowing emperor Nero to perpetrate his atrocities, and the list goes on.

Let's get a grip on reality and truth, and come to our senses. There can be no such thing as PEACE on earth, as long as there is EVIL on earth.

Our forefathers fought and died for the right to a Nazi-free future, let us not give in to this 'Peace at all cost' ignorance and become an Islamic-America in that same future.

Let us now turn to God in our dire time of need, and let us see the truth for what it is.

Let us recognize that we were already 'Giving Peace a chance', but now we have to defend it once again.




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