The franchises slogan "A Burger's Worst Nightmare" only scratches the surface of what they serve - gourmet (yes, I'm serious) hot dogs.

New England Hot Dog Company

Reviewed by Eric Renderking Fisk - March 16th, 2009 Bookmark and Share

New England Hot Dog Company: "Hot dog lovers of the world, unite!"

How long have we had to endure fancy restaurant fare where we are forced to eat things we can barely pronounce, never mind taste? - Now, there is a place, a perfect little sanctuary where you can get any kind of dog you want, any way you want, with anything you want on it. - Gourmet hot dogs of every imaginable size and flavor, cooked to your exact specifications and covered with toppings only you could have dreamed of. - No, my fellow hot dog fanatics, itís not a dream. Itís the New England Hot Dog Company. - Welcome.

The New England Hot Dog Company is a favorite of The Fedora Chronicles Webmaster for a couple of reasons... and it's not just because the menu's have the perfect retro-vintage vibe in their menu's or displays (which is what catches the eye...) but because of the dogs themselves.

These aren't just hot dogs, they are meals unto themselves! With large and generous portions you'll have to eat some of them with a knife and a fork! Check them out when you're in the North East!

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