Ryan Anderson shows concern for a human being who's plight has been over shadowed by the media's obsession with Celebrity Court Cases...


“We care because we can...” by Ryan Anderson

June 20th, 2005

O'Ryan FactorWhile the nation was temporarily distracted by the Michael Jackson case, the search for Natalee Holloway in Aruba continued. As I searched foxnews.com for the latest updates, a family member turned to me and asked “why is this so interesting.”?  He had a point. People go missing every day and they’re lucky if they get a couple flyers or 2minutes on a newscast. So why is everyone so engrossed in this case?

Natalee is the average American Teenager (I use is not was, because we shouldn’t give up hope). She went on her senior trip (with chaperones) expecting to have a good time. Now you have an attractive 18 year old woman in the Caribbean. That, to me, seems like a setup for trouble in the first place. Anyone who has been to the Caribbean knows what it’s like. There are lots of people looking for Americans to con in some way (or worse). There’s also lots and lots of alcohol.  I’m not going to say she was drunk, but it’s plausible since Aruba’s drinking age is 18. I am going to say that we need to learn a lesson from this.

Speculation is all we have to go on right now, and frankly, I can guess what happened. The reason why this hits so close to home is this girl could easily be your daughter or niece. This could also happen anywhere. When you’re teens go down to Miami for spring break, they’re at risk. Although that case could be made about anything (are you afraid to step into the street because you could get hit by a car?), Natalee Holloway has woken us up.


If they do not solve this case, Aruba’s future is lost. This is an island that is being sustained by American tourism. If someone isn’t convicted, there will be a major upset (especially if Natalee is found dead). This girl is one of our own, and the nation is rallying behind her and her family. We all want answers. As the search continues, our frustration grows as does that of her family.

The truth is that evil people have been getting away with this for years. Many have always been trying to combat it, but some haven’t. Now everyone is. Maybe if we apply this same logic to criminals running rampant in the states we’d have something. Still, we seem to have a problem with either letting the guilty go or actually rewarding them (the runaway bride just got 500,000 dollars for a movie deal).

So if you haven’t been caring about this case, maybe you should. If you have been following this case, maybe you should take action against your local crime. It’s all connected. And we have to work together to get a result. Do it for the people whose lives were ruined by identity theft. Do it for Natalee.



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