This week's O'Ryan Factor, Ryan talks about how we can put this election behind us and how American's can build up the Country.


“Under God: Keeping The Nation Together,”
 by Ryan Anderson

O'Ryan FactorNovember 4th, 2004

Originally I had two articles written for this week. One for a Bush win scenario and another for a Kerry win scenario. However, due to the enormous amount of bias and partisan that comes with this election, I chose to take a different route. Bush has won. Liberals are going crazy. This article was written for the purpose of informing them why they shouldn’t go crazy. Hard core lefties may benefit from it, and hard core righties may be amused and agree with it. Here I go.

I’m not going to tell you whether I’m happy or disappointed of the outcome.  That’s not the point. It doesn’t matter. Whether it be the people who decide this election or the Supreme Court, the winner is the leader of my country. They’re your leader too. This is a hard time, and we need to back the president in order to make the system work.

If Kerry pulls through, people can’t shout in the streets. It just wouldn’t be a good ting to do. That creates bad karma. It makes you look like sore losers. Go out with dignity. Sure, if Bush wins Michael Moore won’t demonstrate this quality. It’s your duty as a citizen to be better than Michael Moore. Be a patriot. If not the country may go into chaos. If that happens the enemy may take delight in it. To be specific: if you’re a teacher, don’t rant and rave about why Kerry was a better choice (I’ve seen it happen). If you’re a cable guy, don’t discontinue people’s services of liberal media stations.

Either way, you must understand that the president has to protect you. He has to protect everyone from a growing terror threat. Bin Laden knows this more than anyone. Don’t you think he’d set off an explosive if he could? He can’t. Bush must be doing his Job. All Bin Laden could put out is some crummy tape. This is an area Bush has succeeded in. He’s protected us because if he hadn’t we’d have seen another attack. If you don’t agree…you might just be a pinhead…maybe not.


You shouldn’t loathe someone because they took us to war or are in support of stem cell research. I believe both candidates are genuinely concerned for the people of this country and want to help. They just have different views. You decide who can help you better.  That’s why I’m not stating who I’m rooting for. You need to reach a decision and form an opinion. I hope you do. I hope you went out and voted. Don’t demand a recount if you’re guy loses. Both candidates are nervous, you

The purpose of this week’s article as I said before is for you to accept the winner as your leader. You don’t have to like him. That’s not what I’m saying. However you should give him a chance. When a country is at war, the president needs the support of the citizens. We’re one nation…one people. Together we must face the world. United we stand, divided we fall. Those words mean more now than they ever have.

As I was finishing up this article it was announced that Kerry conceded in Ohio. The people have spoken. Let me say that I’m proud to support George W. Bush, My President. You should be too.




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