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“Teaching The Lesson,” by Ryan Anderson

February 28th, 2005

O'Ryan Factor When someone does something wrong, it’s only natural that we correct them. It happens every day. It seems it’s been happening a lot recently, as well. Many people, by nature, won’t listen.

    Our first example will be Major league baseball players. Not all of them, but a great deal. For years people like Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron set records, only for them to be broken years later; by people with an unfair advantage. Steroids. When confronted about it, most of them deny it. This is because they don’t care. Then again why should we care? That’s easy. Steroid use is cheating. That taints what was once the nation’s greatest pass time. How enjoyable is it if every hit is a home run? Not very. Still, nothing will stop these players because they think they’re on top of the world.

    So what needs to be done? If it’s proven that the accused have used steroids, the records should be changed. These people should be removed from the hall of fame. The records should be changed. There’s no reason to keep them in. Affirmative action needs to be taken, or else it will get worse.

    In 2004 a Scottish company released a new video game. It was called “JFK reloaded”.  The premise of the game was assassinating President Kennedy. Backlash hit immediately. This was a horrible thing and people wanted the game developers to know that. The excuse for the game was that it was trying to disprove conspiracy theories of another gunman. Is that really an excuse? So just to backtrack, a company decided it’d be a good idea for people to try and be Oswald murdering the president.

    Obviously people responded right away. That didn’t stop the game from selling. It costs 4.99 to download this game, but that didn’t push anyone away. The game can still be downloaded.  We missed our mark. If you wish to give the developers a piece of your mind you can do that here:  When people don’t get the message sometimes we just have to do something drastic. If this game was boycotted, and the profits were reduced enough, they’d have to take it down.

    Finally, we have Ward Churchill. Churchill has been going around calling 911 victims the equivalent of Nazis. Why were they Nazis? They were part of the capitalistic system “working for the man”.  Obviously he’s not a reasonable guy. It's just as obvious he’s way out there in the left.


    Most of the colleges who wanted him to speak have cancelled. Except two; one of them being very close to my home in Wisconsin.  Recently, when he visited Hawaii, there were little to no protestors. What’s up with that? I can’t say. It’s wrong, though. He of course can hide behind free speech. We don’t have to hear it.

    The point here is sometimes we have to take a stand. When there’s something we see that’s wrong, you have to get the message out. This is especially if they refuse to listen. The next time you see someone doing this, don’t let it happen. Never let it happen. It used to be that people wouldn’t let it happen. Now, times have changed. It’s time for them to change right back.

And now for something completely different:

    I’d like to congratulate the Wichita police department for making an arrest in the ongoing case of the serial killer known as BTK. It’s nice to learn that evildoers, no matter how cunning they think they are, aren’t safe. Hopefully this guy falls hard. 



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