A week before the Presidential Election here in The United States, Ryan Anderson takes on the Pop-Culture aspect of the Media Coverage.


“Sock The Vote,” by Ryan Anderson

O'Ryan FactorOctober 26th 2005

I’ve been fuming over this for a while now. But when I saw Paris Hilton in a magazine ad for the “rock the vote” campaign…I blew it. Paris Hilton knows as much about the democratic process as Donald Trump knows about hair styling. Why is she telling me to vote? What does she know?

Well the truth is MTV’s “Rock the vote” is helping young people vote. The bad thing about it is that it’s all slanted to the left. That’s not right (no pun intended). If you’re going to try and interest young people in politics…you can’t bias it. It’s the one thing that shouldn’t be partisan. The kids are going to get enough of the liberal media when they grow up…why feed it to them now?

P-diddy, the famous…uh…rap “star”, heads this up. He can be seen wearing his “vote or die” t-shirt all over the place. It’s nice and all that P-diddy thinks people who don’t vote should die… but what does he know about the issues? What does he know about the candidates? Sure he was seen at the debates…but that was just to stroke his ego. It’s the same reason why Michael Moore was at the debates. I just want to see diddy or Paris Hilton get asked about partial birth abortion or gay marriage. Well wait…no I don’t. Let me make my predictions: Diddy’s stance on Gay Marriage is “he’s down with it” while Paris’ is “That’s hot”. I’m sure it’ll be something like that, anyway.

So here we have rock the vote not portraying the president as a strong leader, but more of a guy who’s made big mistakes. Kerry is portrayed as some kind of super hero who will fix them. Of course it’s all done discretely. But there’s no reason a show getting the next generation interested in politics should be partisan. It should be fair and balanced (sound familiar?). 


I’m not sure what it’ll take. Maybe Bill O’Reilly, who’s already written a children’s book, could do another but focused on politics.   Maybe a celebrity who’d give it to you right between the eyes could host a “rock the vote type show”…as long as it’s not slanted. That has to stop.

So far the media hasn’t really gotten it through their heads…Bush isn’t the devil. Kerry isn’t the devil, but as we know the propaganda from the left outweighs the propaganda from the right. I’m not suggesting that Rush Limbaugh start another type of show to slant to the right. What I am saying is that if MTV is going to show Moore’s side of view…why not show Anne Coulter’s or something? Could it hurt them? No. So why don’t they? Most of the media doesn’t care. They’re not committed to giving us unbiased news. Watch out for the young generation…because they’re getting as much of a leftie view from a show aimed at their age group as most are from the networks.

It’s not going to stop until we say something. The people need to stand up and demand the truth.


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