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“Secular Nation,” by Ryan Anderson

November 17th, 2004

O'Ryan FactorRecently, I saw one of the strangest thing I’ve ever seen in a public school: A Buddhist faculty member talking to students openly about Buddhism.  I was floored. Not because I feel Buddhism is a bad thing, but because it’s a religion. That’s it. It shouldn’t happen. Let me put it like this. Imagine a teacher telling a group of students she thinks Jesus is her/his savior. Parents would be upset. The ACLU and other organizations like it would probably have a field day with lawsuits as well. Almost every religion’s point of view can be heard. But what about Christianity? Forget it. It won’t happen.

In a society that’s becoming increasingly secular, I don’t think it is completely. That is, I believe this is boiling down to a non Christian thing. Overwhelmingly, Christian aspects are shunned more than anything else. The Star of David can be displayed without fuss. Muslim symbols can be displayed as well. How about a Nativity Scene? School administrators seem to run away. I believe people are backing away because society is making Christianity out to be the enemy here. It goes against what society thinks is right. However, a large portion of this country is Christian! That’d explain the enormous success of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ”. The people are clambering from a brake from Hollywood’s ‘ethics’.

What else in Hollywood gives the religion a bad name? Possibly celebrities. Celebrities such as porn star Jenna Jameson who’s a catholic (or so she thinks) and Pam Anderson who’s also a catholic (apparently). While I know neither personally I’m sure both are very nice people. However, when you think of Christianity…you don’t think of them. Some might say they don’t bring the morals or ethics to the table. Still, when so many are Christian, why would the minority try and shut it out? Schools books can teach all about Allah, but all they say about Jesus was he was a good teacher. They can’t even acknowledge that many believe Christ to be the son of god. Don’t you think that’s important?

Our nation has gotten bad. It seems we’re so ashamed of religion, we are trying to rid us of it completely. There are things that need to happen.

1) People who refuse to recite the pledge because it says “under God”. That, in my humble opinion, is un-American. It’s not helping anything. Just because you don’t acknowledge a higher power doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pledge allegiance to our nation’s flag.


2) Public places should be able to portray a Christian symbol just as much as a symbol for every other religion. While that may already be fine where you live, it’s not in many places. And that’s crazy. It shouldn’t happen.

3) Because of all the nonsense lawsuits filed nearly every day, a commission should be formed. From trying to get the word ‘god’ out of a school poem to remove it from the pledge, a non partisan committee should sort these out and determine whether they have merit. It’d be an efficient way to clean up the problem.

4) Secularists should be quiet. Keep it on the down low. We accept you and know you’re there…accept us too. It doesn’t hurt to have ‘In god we trust’ on the back of your quarter. Okay? It doesn’t hurt you to see an angel figurine in someone’s front yard. So please…the silliness must stop.

So Now I’m done. I just want to say I think you must be very stubborn to look around you and not accept a divine being, but that’s you right. But, these secular ideas have to stop. Our society is taking a turn for the worse, a turn that’ll hurt us. In the good old days none of this was a problem. I’ve said this before. Secularism, overall, doesn’t help our culture. Not a lot of good comes form it. Religion is something that helps millions and shouldn’t be lost.



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