In this new article from a new promising columnist, Ryan Anderson, he writes about today’s music and shows a link between the lyrics and some of the issues today’s youth face today.

“It never used to be like that…” by Ryan Anderson

October 18th, 2008

They don't wanna see me head on
Think of all the busters
That I had to leave dead and gone
Called a brave nigga
F*ckin with a made nigga
M.O.B. gun fire
Gettin sprayed quicker
F*ck em all let em understand
My plot to get richer
Much more than 6 figures
A motherf*ckin made nigga
(Feel me)
Motherf*ckin Made Niggas
(Made Niggas)
I got a plot to get richer
Take my picture
A made nigga

- From 2pac’s song “made niggaz”

O'Ryan FactorRalph J. DiClemente has a PHD under Emory University’s Rollins School of public health. He recently conducted a study of five hundred and twenty two African American girls between the ages of 14 and 18. One of the end results of this were these statistics:

A girl who has watched gangster rap videos for 14 hours a week is

  • 3 times more likely to strike a teacher.
  • over 2.5 times more likely to be arrested.
  • twice as likely to have multiple sexual partners.
  • 1.5 times more likely to get an STD, do drugs, or drink alcohol.

These statistics were published inside the American journal of Public Health and when one thinks about it they’re also downright terrifying. Every single day our children are getting this kind of stuff shoved down their throats by so called “musicians”. It’s not restricted at all due to enablers such as MTV (music television), which coincidentally has no music it all (unless you count this kind of stuff).

Now let’s rewind a second. Imagine yourself in 1938. You’re sitting in your living room reading the paper and decide you may also want a record playing. You would, typically reach for something such as “In the mood” or “Transylvania 6-5000”. Now matter how suggestive “in the mood” may seem, it’s not suggestive in the least. As most of us know, it has no lyrics. However, other songs have what their all about in the title, such as Eminem’s “Just don’t give a f*ck”.

In many popular songs women are raped and beaten. Drug dealers are glorified. Murder is condoned. Sex amongst teens is apparently normal. Then the people who put this stuff out are made to look like heroes themselves. When a teenager looks at Ludicrous in some sports car with 4 girls, they think “wow, that’s cool”. Role Models have gone from Humphrey Bogart to Snoop Dogg. There’s no excuse for that.

But who do we blame for this sort of thing? This debate has raged for a while now. Some say it’s the parents who let their child listen to these things. But the truth is parents can’t monitor the radio…they can’t control it nor prevent their child from hearing it (if not at home then somewhere else). The definitive answer and the person who should be blamed are the rappers themselves.

They write songs full of vulgar language and destructive actions knowing who’ll be buying them. This isn’t the kind of person I want on TV telling me to “rock the vote” or buy some kind of tennis shoe. You may think it doesn’t matter if your kids try to be like Eminem. But think of it this way: would you let your child idolize a porn star?

I have no problem with adults listening to this stuff if they want to. That’s their choice. But the kids don’t need it. They don’t need to be encouraged to have sex nor to buy a handgun on the black market. When we remember the good old days…none of this went on. It was unheard of. Louis Armstrong was one of the big guys at that time…never heard him sing about murdering his mother did you?

It’s all because our society is becoming increasingly secular. There’s been a decline in moral values. It’s not stopping. Marilyn Manson has said he wants to bring the end of Christianity…even if you’re not Christian…is this a good thing? This is another person who’s glorified in the media. Not only can hen not sing, but he’s basically an evil person. Trying to bring down an entire religion based upon good philosophy and values without reason is stupid. While almost everyone mentioned so far is more or less a pinhead, Manson is the worst.

It used to be the only thing we had to worry about was girls swooning when Bing Crosby winked into a camera. Now we need to worry about kids following in the footsteps of their favorite artist and shooting up the house of someone they don’t like. 

It used to be the only word worrying parents was “damn”. Now it’s almost every word, from sexually explicit lyrics to gore filled ones.

Nowadays we must worry about kids ruining their lives because their favorite record told them to.

…It never used to be like that.



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