Ryan Anderson writes a Christmas Poem... which will stay up until The ACLU sues The Fedora Chronicles to have it taken down.


“How the progressives almost stole Christmas,”
By Ryan Anderson

December 18th, 2004

O'Ryan Factor  The U.S. loved Christmas, they loved it a lot -However, the ACLU and progressives did not.

With every carol and every song - The organization thought it was wrong

Every year to their much dismay, -People were being exposed to a national holiday.

No matter the message (which always was nice) - They couldn’t celebrate the philosopher Christ

They hated Christmas so much, that with every mention - They started to hatch plans of prevention.

They planted the seeds and it started in school, In many a district there was no more yule.

Very soon few nativity scenes were sold, - And to snuff ‘The Passion’ you have to be bold.

Never the less, snuff away they did - The people began to blow their lid.


The people had wondered where the holiday went

‘The ACLU must be dreadfully bent, - on without any rhyme or reason, trying to kill this holiday season.’

In schools once more there was some dismay, because Hanukah and Kwanza were still okay.

When the pointed it out the progressives agreed, because Christmas promotes bad values like greed.

But soon the people started to rally - They voiced their opinions in streets and in alleys.

They all stood up, for what they knew was right - And in the end they won the fight.

So that is the story, it’s true and not lore, of how the progressives almost stole Christmas in 2004.



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