After allowing a proper length of time to pass out of respect, Ryan Anderson addresses the issues with the passing of Pope John Paul II.


“Law and Order,” by Ryan Anderson

April 12rd, 2005

O'Ryan FactorCatholics were recently outraged when pop diva Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie attended a costume party dressed as a nun and the pope. The party was to celebrate Purim, a Jewish holiday. The president of the American Catholic League claimed they should both be beaten by a real priest and nun for pulling the stunt. I’d say that the president of the American Catholic League has bigger things to worry about than the material girl playing dress up.

You see the Catholics are also upset about something else; Cardinal Bernard Law. The Cardinal was the archbishop of Boston. This, of course, was before he was forced to resign disgracefully after protecting priests who sexually abused children. That problem was taken care of by the Vatican and then the news died down.  However, what happened to this guy, who was hiding allegations of pedophilia and exposing the accused to more children? He was transferred.  Oh…now I feel better.




Well now the cardinal is back in the news. The Vatican is letting Cardinal Law preside over a mass designed to remember the late pope. Most were outraged. I was…and I’m not even catholic. I have a great amount of respect for the Catholic Church, which is why I was stunned that they’d let Cardinal Law sit in such a position of honor. The man jeopardized the safety of lots of kids, and some even called for him to be arrested (he wasn’t because, legally, he had no obligation to notify people of the allegations).

Apparently I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Protesters came out of the woodwork.  SNAP (the survivors network of those abused by priest) was on the frontline. They maintain that it’s painful for the victims and their families to see Law presiding over a mass, even if it is I Rome. The outrage is felt the most in Boston, where many accusers are.

This is one of the church’s blind spots. I find it difficult to imagine them thinking there wouldn’t be an opposition to this choice. Some say that the church cares more about it’s Cardinals than the kids…and that’s what it seemed like when they made the decision.  For lack of a better word, they promoted him...Promoted him. That’s unthinkable to me.

If it’s insisted that Law stay, I’d keep him out of the light. It’s excruciatingly obvious the public doesn’t care for him…not anymore that is. The fact is that this guy got off fairly easy and should be happy to still have a job. For many, he is the mascot of the scandals that the church has just recently recovered from.  Law should simply stay there, but with a humble job. Certainly not anything as prestigious as what he’s doing now.

The new Pope will certainly have some large shoes to fill. Pope John Paul the second was a great man. He was in a large part responsible for the collapse of Communism. Many think he’s one of the greatest Popes to date and personally I think he’ll be canonized a saint. I doubt he’d like such a controversy at this time. I believe the church needs to try and better itself at this time and try to look closer at the possible outcomes of its decisions.

Being a Lutheran, I may not be in a position to criticize the Catholic Church. You’re free to think that; because I’m not. I’m criticizing their decisions. Not even the whole church, but whoever is calling the shots down there right now. The church’s obligation is to protect you, the congregation. Right now, they’re not. Jesus would most certainly forgive cardinal law…but reward him? Think about that: just what would Jesus do?





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